Tuition and Financial Aid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Tuition & Financial Aid

How is the tuition schedule structured?
Independent schools take a variety of approaches to tuition schedules. While they ultimately end up at approximately the same point, some schools increase the tuition bit by bit every single year. Other schools and SCH hold the tuition steady for several grades at a time, with the increases or "steps" occurring in particular grade levels.  At SCH, steps occur from Pre-K to Kindergarten, K to 1st grade, 4th into 5th, and 8th into 9th.  

What does the SCH tuition include?
Tuition is inclusive of all required fees, including tuition refund plan, technology fees, books, trips, athletic uniforms, and Parents Association dues. Optional services such as private music lessons, personal athletic gear, or special trips will be charged separately.

How do I indicate I would like to apply for financial aid?

To apply note on your application that you would like to receive a financial aid packet or contact the Admissions Office to receive instructions and guidelines.

How much aid can I expect to receive?
The Board of Trustees sets policies regarding financial aid which are reviewed annually in consideration of the overall budget, enrollment projections, and other needs of the school. The school’s goal is to support as many families as possible, and the committee also strives to make awards as close to demonstrated need as possible. It is expected that all families will contribute a portion of tuition and fees, dependent upon circumstances. In recent years, the school has supported one-quarter of the student body, and the average award has ranged from 25% to 75% of tuition, dependent upon grade level. Preference is given to currently enrolled students and new students in upper grades.
When is the aid awarded?
Starting in December, the committee meets to review financial aid files on a first-come, first-served basis. (However, new applicants for admission and financial aid may receive early notification if both their admissions and financial aid files are complete by the end of December.) Families will be notified to log onto mySCH to view their child's online Financial Aid Award letter. 
We do not reserve funds for applicants whose files are not complete by the stated deadline.
Are current families given priority with regard to financial aid?
Yes. SCH is committed to our currently enrolled families who previously received an award. 
Does the school safeguard confidentiality?
Yes. The school protects the privacy of families and expects parents to be equally respectful of privacy. Financial aid records are stored electronically in secure files at the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS); SCH Academy’s copies of these documents are locked in the Admissions Office and used solely by the Financial Aid Committee. Parents are asked to refrain from discussing private financial aid matters with anyone but the Financial Aid Committee for their protection and the protection of all our students. Faculty and other administrators are not involved in or privy to matters concerning financial aid.

Must I sign my enrollment contract before I know if I will be receiving aid?
Yes, unless you are a new admissions applicant who has met the early January deadline for both admission and financial aid, in which case you may receive an admission offer and provisional financial aid grant at the same time. Otherwise, for both new and returning students applying for financial aid, the enrollment contract indicates your intent to enroll at SCH Academy contingent upon receiving adequate financial assistance. SCH cannot reserve funds for you without the contract and initial deposit (refundable if you refuse the grant). You should sign and return the contract with a reduced deposit ($250) to hold a place for your child. After you receive your Financial Aid Award letter on mySCH.
Can financial aid be canceled during the school year once it is awarded?
Yes, financial aid can be canceled if a family’s financial obligations to SCH Academy fall in arrears or a student is asked to leave the school for academic or disciplinary reasons. All families are required to meet the tuition deadlines established by the Board of Trustees.
What if my financial situation changes after the deadline?
A small reserve fund is set aside for unexpected financial changes. Families may appeal to the Financial Aid Committee in writing.
Is financial aid and renewal of financial aid contingent upon the student’s academic record?
All students at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy are expected to work to their potential whether or not they are receiving aid. SCH maintains high academic standards and expectations of personal growth and good citizenship of all students. Financial aid recipients are not held to separate academic or behavioral standards.
Who makes decisions on financial aid?
The Financial Aid Committee is made up of the Admissions officers and Chief Financial Officer. Faculty and other parents are not involved in grant allocation.
Questions? Please contact:

Murielle Telemaque
Admissions Office Data Manager &
Financial Aid Manager
p: 215-261-6965

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