The Arts

Performing Arts

exploration of interdisciplinary connections

The SCH performing arts curriculum combines a practical theatre education with the exploration of interdisciplinary connections and development of effective communication skills. Learning the basics of performance begins in Lower School with frequent opportunities to sing and act in front of peers and parents. Formal dramatic study begins in Middle School, when students are introduced to the foundations of theatre and mount a coed production in 7th and 8th grade. In Upper School, students may choose to continue their performing arts studies by taking theatre production electives and joining Players, the school’s award-winning extracurricular dramatic troupe with a long-standing tradition of serious student productions. Established in 1936, Players is an active member of the Greater Philadelphia Cappies program, a national high school theatrical organization that hosts regional award ceremonies honoring the best student actors and productions of the year.

The performing arts season at SCH Academy includes two Players productions, a musical and a drama, a Middle School production, and a Boychoir operetta.
  • Outside the Rec
     In 2016, students introduced an educational component to their theatrical program called Outside the Rec, which provides context and background around aspects of their productions that may be problemmatic for today's audiences. Click on the link to read an article about Outside the Rec.