The Arts

Lower School for Girls Music

each child brings her strengths to the music classroom

The music program for Middle School girls includes both performance opportunities and non-performance music learning through which students are exposed to high-quality repertoire from a variety of eras, styles, and cultures; written and aural theory practice; and reinforcement of teamwork and ensemble skills that will benefit them in all areas of their academic study. Girls who self-define as singers or instrumentalists may elect to participate either in Girlchoir or Instrumental Ensemble (5th grade)/Middle School Orchestra (6th-8th grades). For those students best served by a more general music curriculum, we offer classes in World Music in 6th grade, Western Music in 7th grade, and Musical Ensembles in 8th grade, which includes participation in the Handbell Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Ukulele Ensemble, and Mallet Ensemble. Beginning in 5th grade, students also have the opportunity to participate in Musica Mundi, the school's steel band, which explores cultures and traditions from around the world while further developing students' musicianship and performance skills. 
Through speech, singing, movement, dancing, playing instruments, and drama each child brings her particular strengths to the music classroom, making the experience richer for all.