Student Experience
Outdoor Program

Middle School for Boys

developing an appreciation and respect for nature

Providing students with opportunities to experience their natural surroundings firsthand helps build confidence and independence, offers new perspectives on their classroom studies, and develops a greater appreciation and respect for nature. SCH Academy’s Outdoor and Trip Program builds and grows as our students grow.
Throughout their Lower School experience, our younger students spend time exploring the Wissahickon Valley—an amazing resource at the school’s backdoor—and experience a robust outdoor program that includes multiple trips or hikes each year. In Middle School for Boys, we continue to recognize that its important to travel beyond our campus, and each year we provide opportunities to see their studies come to life with academically linked class trips that challenge the boys to navigate a new environment.
These experiences—from wilderness to water—help the boys to bond, take risks, and grow in new ways. Our Middle School students have sailed on the Chesapeake, climbed in the Poconos, camped in Maryland, and explored New York City. Our students tell us these trips engender some of their fondest memories of the middle years at SCH.