Student Experience

Outdoor Program

Broaden your worldview and expand your understanding of the environment around you!

We know from our students’ own words that many of the Outdoor Program experiences are among their most memorable ones at SCH Academy. By exposing our students to the outdoors, we broaden their worldview and expand their understanding of the environment around them. Through this exposure, our students are more comfortable and confident in new and unfamiliar surroundings in the future. We believe the more of the world our students see and understand, the smaller and less daunting it becomes.

We believe that providing students with the opportunities to experience their natural surroundings firsthand helps build confidence and independence, offers new perspectives on their classroom studies, and develops a greater appreciation and respect for nature.

At the edge of the SCH campus is one of the nation’s 600 natural landmarks: Wissahickon Valley Park. All SCH students make regular trips down to its creek, along its trails, and through its woods as they develop their sense of environmental stewardship, learn about sustainability, enjoy its natural beauty, and study the challenges facing this native habitat. Being so close to one of Philadelphia’s treasured natural areas and being able to take advantage of the lessons and resources it offers has become an important and valued component of our academic program.

As our students grow older, they travel farther afield. In Middle School, students practice navigation and galley cooking as they sail the Chesapeake Bay and hone their outdoor camping skills on multiday excursions to the Eastern Shore and Poconos. In Upper School, they participate in a freshman bonding experience designed by Outward Bound.
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