Student Experience

Leadership Opportunities

Student Leaders

Leadership is a dynamic and important part of Upper School life. Each of the Five Councils (Student Council, Community Council, Honor Council, Service Council, and Student Ambassadors) has grade-level representatives determined by a combination of election and appointment, and all Activities have a leadership team. To facilitate the development of leadership skills, all student leaders take part in biannual short- and long-term goal setting activities, and all student leaders meet regularly with the Dean of Student Life to review goals, discuss program, and reflect on the challenges and opportunities of leadership. It is the difficult, sometimes messy, and rewarding tasks of leadership that challenge our students to grow and prepare them for the world beyond SCH. Reflection, discussion, and mentorship play an important role in the development of experienced and skilled student leaders.

Student Leadership team

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of the heads of each of the five councils and the senior class presidents. In addition to running their respective councils, the members of the SLT are provided with additional opportunities to build and test their leadership skills, act as mentors to younger students, and represent the Upper School student body in discussions, meetings, and events.


Activities are for students with common passions, such as theater, sports, or robotics, who team up to work together yearlong. Students often work toward a final championship, performance, or showcase to share their hard work—both with the SCH community and beyond.

The Five Councils

Student Council serves as a liaison between students and administration by planning, organizing, and executing student-run events that enrich the quality of student life.

Community Council works to build a safe, inclusive community in which students understand the value of diversity and celebrate differences. 

Honor Council promotes honesty, academic integrity, and positive treatment of others while facilitating Judicial Board hearings. 

Service Council
spearheads ongoing and one-time service opportunities in and outside of our community, encouraging students to engage in services. 

Student Ambassadors work with the Admissions Office to provide a positive, informed experience on campus for all prospective students and families, supporting the transition of new students once they join the SCH community.