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Medical Care at SCH

The school nurses are responsible for the immediate health care needs of the students, faculty, and staff of SCH Academy, giving first aid and medical care for injuries and illnesses that occur during school hours. A nurse is on duty at all times during the school day. 

The school nurses provide health instruction in the classroom and health counseling to students, faculty, and staff as needed. In addition to comprehensive well-child care, they implement and monitor compliance with state immunization laws and conduct screenings of vision, hearing, scoliosis, height, and weight. The school nurses evaluate and monitor communicable and nuisance diseases and communicate with parents accordingly. They collect data and establish protocol for students with special medical and nursing needs and are responsible for dispensation of all medications during school hours. 

  • There is a nurse serving Lower and Middle School students in the McCausland Lower School. The nurse's office is located just inside the main entrance of the McCausland Lower School.

  • There is a nurse serving Upper School students in the Wissahickon Inn. The nurse's office is located on the second floor above The Exchange.

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