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blue devilS: Caring for our athletes

Our Certified Athletic Trainers at SCH are responsible for all aspects of athletic training services, including the prevention, recognition, evaluation, immediate care, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. When an athlete is injured, they must report to the athletic trainer immediately to receive proper treatment and to prevent injuries from becoming more serious. 

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Professionals on campus

Norma Wingate, Maria Morrison, and Aimee Keough are members of the National Athletic Trainers' Association and licensed by the PA Board of Medicine. Combined, they bring over 60 years of experience as certified athletic trainers to SCH's program.


The main athletic training room is located on the lower level of Kingsley Gymnasium next to the locker room area (on the Upper School campus). The additional athletic training room is located on the ground level of the Vare Field House next to the locker rooms and is used seasonally (on the Middle School campus). 

AFfiliated professionals

SCH Academy is affiliated with leaders in the sports medicine field. Orthopedic physician and partner in 3B Orthopedics Dr. Arthur Bartolozzi is the supervising physician for the Athletics Department. 3B Orthopedics and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) serve as SCH's sports medicine physicians; the doctors will see athletes during athletic training room hours at SCH, supervise the ImPACT concussion management program, and provide game coverage as needed. 

In conjunction with 3B Orthopedics and the CHOP, SCH hosts sports medicine fellows who sees student-athletes on campus. Each week a sports medicine fellow, who works directly with physicians at both 3B Orthopedics/CHOP, is present in the athletic training room on campus. This partnership allows student-athletes to be evaluated by a physician in a timely manner. This quick access to care allows student-athletes to progress through the concussion protocol, receive treatment in an easily-accessible environment, and hasten access to further care and evaluation if warranted. Within this partnership, we work with graduate athletic training students from local universities (Temple University and Thomas Jefferson University) to promote the field of athletic training along with furthering the local, regional, and national quality of practice of the future allied health professionals. 

athletic injury evaluation and treatment

The Athletic Trainers are available for injury evaluation and treatment daily after school, 2:50-4:00 PM, or earlier with excused dismissal (and when it doesn't conflict with game schedules). Students should contact the athletic trainers directly to schedule an appointment, Hours immediately after school are reserved for taping, wrapping, and prepping athletes who are actively playing a seasonal game or practice.

Any injury sustained while playing at SCH sanctioned sport MUST be reported to the school's Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) as soon as possible for evaluation, physician referral, and/or treatment. If an injury occurs while at an away contest, student-athletes may be evaluated by the host school's ATC. Student-athletes are expected to report in person to the SCH ATC during the following school day. 

If a student-athlete is injured outside of an SCH sanctioned sport (i.e. travel club or travel team), they are encouraged to report to the ATC for evaluation, physician referral, and/or treatment. If a student-athlete misses school because of injury, they should contact the SCH ATC with an update on their status. A note from an outside physician is needed to clear the athlete for full participation.


Norma Wingate

head athletic trainer

Norma Wingate, Head Athletic Trainer at SCH


ASSISTANT athletic trainer 

Maria Morrison, Athletic Trainer


Associate athletic director &
Athletic Trainer 

Aimee Keough, SCH's Associate Director of Athletics Health Teacher/Athletic Trainer


Please see the following information regarding important sports medicine policies and procedures that SCH's Certified Athletic Trainers use as guidelines, found from the National Athletic Trainers Association.

For current SCH students & families, copies of these protocols, forms & procedures can be found in mySCH.


Please contact our Sports Medicine Team with any questions about protocol, procedures, or further information on how our Blue Devils are cared for.

215-261-6981 | Norma Wingate
Head Athletic Trainer at SCH Academy

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