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This parent-specific page on our website puts everything you need as a parent at your fingertips. The online parent directory is the only content requiring a login.
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SCH Mandatory Forms (HARD COPY required)
Annual Physical Form
SCH Mandatory Forms ONLINE
Emergency Messaging
  In the event of an unexpected school closing, an unanticipated schedule change requiring immediate attention, or a school emergency, SCH Academy uses Emergency Messaging, a service that automatically dials/texts specific phone numbers on record. Keep your information currect using this form.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
  Effective July 1, 2012, all schools in Pennsylvania are required to have Sudden Cardiac Arrest forms on record for all students.

Concussion Form
  Effective July 1, 2012, all schools in Pennsylvania are required to have Concussion forms on record for all students.
Additional Resources
Permission to Charge to Student Account

Food Allergy Protocol

Public School District Bus Transportation Request for 2015-2016

Private Music Lessons: Info. & Registration

Center City Bus Information & Contract

Submit After School Center Payment & Fees
Dress Codes
Lower School for Girls

Lower School for Boys

Middle School for Girls

Middle School for Boys

Upper School
Campus Safety & Security
Please note the following from the Safety and Security Committee:
• SCH Academy has a campus Safety and Security Committee that meets monthly. As a “certified safety committee” of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, we have met certain requirements under Article X Health and Safety provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act. All members of our community are welcome to bring any concerns to the committee’s attention. Please contact the committee chair, Matt Rosen, at

• Our campus is monitored and patrolled by security officers with walkie-talkies. To reach security on duty, or to report something of concern or suspicious, call 267-246-8427. The phone number for security is also posted at each entrance.
• Fire and shelter in place drills are performed on campus on a regular basis. Both fire and police departments have observed and approved our respective drills.
• All outside entrances are locked and accessible only by those with a key, ID card, or pinpad code. 
• All visitors are asked to sign in with the receptionist at the main entrances.
    Calendar Export Instructions
    Parents can export any calendar from our web calendar and import the events directly into their Google calendar, iCal, or outlook.

    Step 1: Filter your criteria by date and activity
    • Go to the "calendar" link in the blue bar on the left.
    • Click on “Show Filter Options.”
    • "Uncheck All" in the Event Categories box.
    • Determine what events categories you would like to add to your personal calendar, be sure to select applicable division events and the events, for example "Important Dates" and "LS Girls."
    • Press “Apply Filter.” (This will be at the very bottom of the list of items. You will need to scroll down.)
    • The calendar will now be displaying JUST the events which for you have set the filter(s) to display.

    Step 2: Export the Calendar
    • Select the green icon directly under the “Find” to the right of the search window, this is the FEEDS button.
    • Choose “Export iCalendar Data.”
    • Save the file to your computer using a file name/location you will remember.

    Step 3A: Import to Outlook (2013)
    • Open Outlook.
    • From top, choose “File.”
    • Choose “Open & Export.”
    • Choose “Import/Export.”
    • Choose “Import from another program or file.”
    • Select the file you saved earlier.
    • You can choose to import the file or open as new. “Open as New” is probably the best.

    [Note: Import will place the information into your main calendar. This makes it difficult to correct from mistakes. “Open as New” creates a new calendar. In Outlook 2013 you can keep distinct calendars that can be overlaid for viewing. This makes it easier to blow out old copies and upload refreshed versions from the SCH calendar page.]

    Step 3B: Import to a Google Calendar
    • Open your Google calendar.
    • Go to “Other Calendars” in the lefthand rail and select “Import Calendar” from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose file that you saved in Step 2.
    • Hit “Import” button.

    Note: Many thanks to parent John Sheppard who prepared these tips for fellow parents and has shared a document including screen shots here.
    Division Dashboards
    This week's Virtual Mailbag (VMB)

    Lower School for Girls

    Lower School for Boys

    Middle School for Girls

    Middle School for Boys

    Upper School
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    Business Office Forms for Parents
    PARENTS ASSOCIATION Cash Box Request Form
    Use this form to request a cash box from the Business Office for a Parents Association event.

    PARENTS ASSOCIATION Money Deposit Form
    Use this form when you have money from a Parents Association event that needs to be deposited in the bank by the Business Office and credited to a Parents Association account.

    PARENTS ASSOCIATION Check Request Form
    Use this form to request a check from the Business Office to make a payment for a Parents Association purchase.

    PARENTS ASSOCIATION Petty Cash Request Form
    Use this form to request cash from the Business Office to make a Parents Association purchase.

    PARENTS ASSOCIATION Reimbursement Form
    Use this form to request a reimbursement from the Business Office for a Parents Association purchase you made.
    SCH Laptop Program

    Laptop Program Student Policy and Agreement

    Guidelines and Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for Electronic Communication and Technology
    SCH Library
    Links to library resource pages are below. In order to view the passwords for our library subscriptions, users must sign in. Once signed in, the links can be found here.
    Library Resources - LS Girls

    Library Resources - LS Boys

    Library Resources - MS

    Library Resources - US
    myStudent Health Services
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    Speaker podcasts here! Listen now or download for later...
    Lower School Coffee with Dr. Pam Brown on "Academic Challenge and Social Disappointment"
    Po Bronson: Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing (2.20.13)
    Rachel Simmons: The Curse of the Good Girl (10.4.12)
    Today in SCH Athletics
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    Saturday, March 28, 2015
    St. Basil's Relays
    TBD  @ St. Basil's
    Track - Boys, Varsity
    Baseball - Boys, Varsity
    1:00 PM  
    Baseball - Boys, Varsity VS Roman Catholic High School
    May Day 2014
    26 Images
    Published: 5/8/2014
    Blue & Blue Day 2014
    24 Images
    Published: 5/1/2014
    Blue & Blue Day 2014
    24 Images
    Published: 5/1/2014
    SCH Players Present - The Crucible
    25 Images
    Published: 4/17/2014
    SCH Players Present - The Crucible
    25 Images
    Published: 4/17/2014
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    40 SCH students awarded first place at the PJA Regional Competition

    SCH Robotics Team wins first place at Robotics Competition

    SCH student athletes receive 18 All-Inter-Ac and All-MASA designations
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