Saturday, April 21
6:30 pm
URBN in The Philadelphia Navy Yard
Fête for our Future supports Phase II of the Campus Master Plan, the centerpiece of which is a new, contemporary Lower School building—the McCausland Lower School and Commons. This structure will be home to the Lower School for Boys and the Lower School for Girls and will house students in Pre-K through 4th grade. The learning experience will remain single-sex, with gender- and age-specific classrooms, while leveraging the benefits of shared common and cooperative space and access to outdoor learning areas. Perched on 10 acres of SCH woods adjacent to the Wissahickon watershed, the McCausland Lower School and Commons has been designed to showcase SCH Academy’s standout educational program that has propelled the school to the forefront of educational thought and best practice.

Sponsorships of $10,000 and up will be recognized with a named space in 
the new Lower School. 
 Walnut | $50,000
Meg and Dick Hayne
Chestnut | $25,000
Pia and Steve Druggan
Gretchen and Roy Jackson
Radius Global Solutions, LLC
Burr | $10,000
Vanessa Chan and Mark van der Helm
Gail and John S. Detweiler Sr. ‘91
Joly Walton Stewart ‘48
Team Whetzel

Sponsorships between $500 and $5,000 will be listed on one
 of the following plaques in a classroom: Lifer, Blue and Blue, Blue and Gold, or Blue Devils. You choose!

White Birch | $2,500

Liz and Philip Pearson ‘86
Ashley Douglas and 
Alexander Goldsmith
Sugar Maple | $1,000
Veronica and Robert Connor
Chanda Miller and Todd Franzen
Kimberly and William Freeman ‘91
Pamela von Seldeneck Harris ‘81
and Thomas Harris
Ellen Nalle Hass ‘77 and Jay Hass
Alexandra and Timothy Levin
Debbie Maine H’16
Laura and Lee McManus
Ann Marie and Michael Mendlow
Kristin and David Norton
Suzy and Henry O’Reilly
Susan and Robert Peck ‘70
Donna and Robert Schapiro
Dogwood | $500
Sarah and Frank Aloise Jr., HA
Sarah and Bryan Astheimer
Yolanda and Reginald Banks
Anna and Pranav Chandra
Lynn and Kenneth Conlin
Carrie and Allan Cooper III
Susan and Willard Detweiler Jr.
Susan and Bill Doran
Sara and Tom Emlen ’68
Ritu and Amit Gandhi
Aimee and Robert Gerhard III
Mindy and William Glassman
Emery Maine Greenwood ‘06
and Thomas Greenwood III ‘01
Sandra and Thomas Greenwood Jr. ‘68
Kelly Scollon-Grieve and Sean Grieve
Katharine and John Hager
Sarah Millet and Spencer Hoffman
Rosalie Hunter ‘82
Courtney and Steve Kapp
Charlene Bierl and Youngmoo Kim
Aimee Rush and Charles King III
Dana Rapoport and Brett Kizner
Marisol and Edward Lauerman III
Mairi Luce and Geoffrey Bird
Janine and James Mazzarelli
Deborah and Alexander Miller
Gail Clements Redpath ‘81
and Bruce Redpath
Elizabeth McCausland Salata ‘02
and Kyle Salata
Claudia and Jay Springer
Vivian and Dean Stephan
Alicia and John Stoddard Sr.
Sheryl Winston Smith and Jonathan Smith

Giving and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Parents Association fundraising effort is your chance to support Phase II of the Campus Master Plan: The McCausland Lower School and Commons. This building will be built on 10 acres of SCH woods, bordering the Wissahickon. All proceeds from the event will benefit the building project. In addition, you are invited to donate additional funds to this capital campaign.

The following sponsorships will be listed in the annual report and will receive signage in the building.

Sponsorships of $10,000 and up will be recognized with a named space in the new Lower School. 
  • Walnut – $50,000 (includes 10 tickets)
  • Chestnut – $25,000 (includes 8 tickets)
  • Burr – $10,000 (includes 6 tickets)
Sponsorships between $500 and $5,000 will be listed on one of the following plaques in a classroom: Lifer, Blue and Blue, Blue and Gold, or Blue Devils. You choose!
  • Cherry – $5,000 (includes 4 tickets)
  • White Birch – $2,500 (includes 2 tickets)
  • Sugar Maple – $1,000 (includes 2 tickets)
  • Dogwood –$500 (includes 2 tickets)

If you would like to consider additional named gift opportunities in the McCausland Lower School and Commons, please contact Jenny McHugh at

Honorees and Committee

The McCausland Family
Dick and Meg Hayne

Steve Druggan, Head of School
SCH Board of Trustees
2017-18 Parents Association

Gail Detweiler, President
Nadine Stevenson, Vice President
Laurene Topping, Secretary
Vivian Stephan, Treasurer
Ian Comisky, Assistant Treasurer
Divisional Chairs:                                
Girls Lower School: Sarah Salmon and Keelin Greenberg
Boys Lower School: Andrea Koplove and Bridget Blake
Girls Middle School: Sarah Millet and Jo-Anne Smith
Boys Middle School: Kristin Norton
Girls Upper School: Hilary Stahlecker and Stephanie Branche Carter
Boys Upper School: Lynn Conlin and Janine Mazzarelli
Adjunct Representatives:                  
Xiaobin Song, Chinese Parent Connection President
Melissa Haims, Arts Council Leadership
Claudette Wardlaw, Diversity Resource Network
Pam Harris, Board of Trustees Liaison
Committee Chairs:
Camille Focarino: Venue
Alison Grove: Program