Lower Schools
Lower School for Girls

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Lower School Mission Statement

Entrepreneurial skills are developed in our Lower School by channeling a childs natural desire to learn by doing. In an educational environment that promotes a problem-solving mindset, children are asked to look both locally and globally to identify a gap between the way things are and the way things should be. Through the use of design thinking skills, coupled with an understanding of financial literacy and new media tools, children work innovatively to close that gap. As children strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and engage again and again in projects that require creative inquiry, critical thinking, and analysis, they begin to see the outsized impact their ideas can have, not only on their own community but on the larger world.

building a solid framework

The Lower School girls experience the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) through their core curriculum classes and the CEL Venture Incubator. The girls learn creative thinking, analytical thinking, problem solving, mental risk taking, resiliency, design thinking, and the use of technology. The key learning objectives are to teach the students these skills through project-based learning. The students are introduced to programming and robotics and engineering at an early age.