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Physical Education

Daily exercise...proper diet...healthy habits

The SCH Lower School for Boys Physical Education Department believes that all of our boys should be exposed to a healthy lifestyle that encourages daily exercise, proper diet, and healthy habits. A consistent exercise program is emphasized throughout the curriculum by providing exercises as part of the lesson. In each class, students are exposed to the flexibility, cardiovascular, agility, and strength components of exercise.

Skill development is a regular focus of the physical education curriculum. Students will continue to focus on skill development with activities in partnerships and in games with small groups that allow everyone to participate. Skill development is measured through continued observation. It is important to the department to allow every student to develop at his own pace and to encourage each individual to achieve his potential.

Sportsmanship is an integral part of the PE curriculum as well. With the ability to work with each other, students can have an excellent experience in class. The discussions that surround this topic are respect, cooperation (teamwork), appreciation for others, and fair play.

Physical Education Grades Pre-K through 5th grade

  1. Expose all students to a healthful lifestyle that includes consistent exercise, proper diet, and healthy habits.
  2. Help to develop the locomotor movements such as running, skipping, sliding, galloping, walking, and jumping.
  3. Improve each individual’s ability in the non-locomotor movements such as bending and stretching, pushing and pulling, raising and lowering, twisting and turning, and balancing.
  4. Work to develop the manipulative skills through handling of an object (ball, bat, sticks, etc.) that form the basis of game skills. These are the skills such as throwing and catching, batting and kicking, and rebounding and redirecting an object.
  5. Develop the specialized skills through drills that will give an individual the ability to compete in the team sports that SCH offers at the middle and high school level.
  6. Work towards the understanding of team concepts needed to feel confident in all of the athletic offerings at SCH. This understanding will come from small-sided games that incorporate the skills learned in each of the units designed to expose the boys to all of the sports that SCH offers.
  7. Work towards developing a good sense of fair play and sportsmanship in all of our physical education classes.