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I am honored to be joining the SCH Academy community. In my short time, it has become clear that SCH is much more than a school. While the education and development of our students is at the core of all we do, we are fortunate to be able to accomplish this, not only with the support and care of exemplary faculty and staff, but also with the help of hundreds of parents and an incredible network of Springside, CHA, and now SCH alumni, around the globe. This is truly a contemporary community school—a global community.

As we highlight in our mission, we challenge students to learn in powerful new ways, engage in active inquiry, hone skills of creative and analytic thinking, and celebrate the joy of discovery. At the heart of this is the relationships between our teachers, staff, coaches, sponsors, and our students. Great schools like SCH acknowledge and focus on developing a culture of care where every student feels challenged and supported. Ensuring that this happens is my promise to you.

Our dedication to the child and a culture of care is exemplified by our unique educational model. We leverage the research and best practices of single-sex education through Lower and Middle Schools and then bring our young men and women together for a contemporary college preparatory experience in high school. This model allows our students to grow, develop, and discover in ways you will not find in fully coed schools and is a hallmark for us in a market rich with school choices.

While I have just joined SCH after spending the last 21 years in schools in Europe and Asia, one of the most important and exciting aspects for me is SCH’s focus on diversity. SCH understands that more diverse teams and environments foster richer discussions, help us all grow more, and lead to better and more creative ideas and solutions. At SCH Academy, our students, faculty, and staff members feel free to be who they are and contribute to our shared school experience. In turn, each of us grows from listening to and knowing each other.

Please be sure to visit our wonderful campus on the edge of the Wissahickon in Northwest Philadelphia. If you are an alum, come back and visit; if you are a current student or parent, I look forward to seeing you around campus; and if you are a prospective parent or passionate educator, come by and take a tour. I believe you will feel the magic that compelled me to want to be a part of this special community.


Steve Druggan
Head of School

Dr. Stephen L. Druggan

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