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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has a strong sense of strategic direction, while enabling the Head of School and the SCH administration to implement that vision. Overall authority for school operations rests with the Head of School and runs through separate administrator and various administrative structures. Key administrators report to the board in committee meetings, but only the Head of School is present at all sessions of the board and is a voting member. The board and administration follow NAIS Principles of Good Practice for governance, and the “vision” and “implementation” delineations are clear and run smoothly.

All of the board members participate in one or more of the following committees: Governance, Education and Enrollment (includes Athletics), Assets Management (includes Buildings and Grounds and Investments), Development (includes Capital Campaign), Audit, and Executive. Committees review their plans with the full board at the September meeting and review their progress at the June meeting, with full board input providing guidance on further goal setting and any further metrics needed to better measure progress.

Trustees serve three-year terms with an option to renew for additional consecutive terms. All trustees’ performance is reviewed annually by the Governance Committee.
Board of Trustees 2016–2017
Michael J. Barrist
Paul Bolno
Rashad Campbell ’08
Vanessa Chan
Renee Chenault-Fattah
John Detweiler ’91
Dr. Stephen L. Druggan, Head of School
Michael Golden
Pamela von Seldeneck Harris ’81
Richard A. Hayne, Chair
Steven H. Kapp
Timothy Levin
Patrick Lindsay
Peter S. Longstreth ’62, Honorary
Ginny Markos
Ann Marie Mendlow
Stacy Perper Methvin ’75
Ellin Dixon Miller ’75
Ludlow Miller, Emeritus
Eric W. Noll, Treasurer
Janie B. Parker, Emerita
Robert M. Peck ’70
Joffie C. Pittman ’87
Edward C. Rorer ’61, Honorary
Brian J. Vogt
Camilla Whetzel
Sheryl Winston Smith
Mims Maynard Zabriskie, Secretary
Representatives to the Board of Trustees
Frank V. Aloise Jr., Chief Financial Officer
Brendan Flatow ’94, President, Alumni Association
Nadine Badger Stevenson ’90, President, Alumnae Association
Michelle Cooney, President, Parents Association
Gail Detweiler, Vice President, Parents Association
Jennifer James McHugh ’84, Director of Development
Dave Rauch, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Maria McNicholsBoard Liaison
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