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Mission Statement

At Springside Chestnut Hill Academy we educate students to be innovative leaders, breakthrough thinkers, and imaginative problem solvers. We challenge students to learn in powerful new ways, engage in active inquiry, hone skills of creative and analytic thinking, and celebrate the joy of discovery. Through a rigorous college-preparatory program grounded in project- and passion-based learning, we prepare our students for their future as active learners and responsible global citizens. Blending the best of single-sex education and coeducation, we empower and prepare our young men and women to meet challenges with courage, integrity, and respect.


Diversity Statement

Diversity is a condition of excellence. Embracing a diverse, inclusive community is fundamental to providing the most rigorous, globally competitive education. At SCH, we aim to engage, understand, and celebrate the broad range of human experiences and perspectives. Through our curriculum, professional development, community-centered events, and daily interactions, we are committed to cultivating empathy and inclusion, and to nurturing the authentic expression of every individual.
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