Our Difference

Our Green Footprints

SCH Academy is the first school in Pennsylvania to receive a 3-Star Green Restaurant certification through the Green Restaurant Association.
SCH is proud of our significant and enduring commitment to environmental sustainability. Our green footprints—over more than two decades—are purposeful and intentional. Initiatives extend from the classroom to the roofs and from the cafeterias to the Wissahickon Watershed. Through active engagement, SCH students become passionate environmental stewards and thoughtful agents for change.

Campus Highlights

  • SCH is home to 1/2-acre of solar arrays on rooftops. The two installations in 2009 and 2012 combined were considered the largest solar panel array in the City of Philadelphia at the time of installation. Together they bring the total size of the solar panel system to 232 Kw.
  • Our Gold LEED-Certified Rorer Center for Science and Technology, built in 2008, includes a wind turbine, solar panels, solar-powered hot water system, and rainwater capture and purification system. The renewable energy and water management systems are used within the building and the adjacent historic Wissahickon Inn, stadium, and surrounding playgrounds. These renewable systems serve as real-time teaching tools and studied for further analysis as part of SCH’s innovative curriculum.
  • Our campus, adjacent to the Wissahickon, provides a natural habitat where our students learn hands-on about the environment and how to care for it. Students have tended to the Wissahickon woods by removing invasive plants, planting natives, conducting trail work, adding berms to reduce runoff from the trail, and picking up trash.
  • Storm-water management is an important component of SCH’s commitment to sustainability. Storm-water management systems are located beneath our athletic fields and parking lots. Campus-wide storm recharge beds—which collect water from our roofs and parking lots and slowly bring it back into the ground—are designed to eliminate runoff and erosion. 
Around Campus

  • SCH Academy is committed to living out the eco-mantra of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Our school culture has students, faculty, and families engaged and committed to creating a “waste-free” school. SCH Academy is committed to making our campus, including the cafeterias as green as possible. From our use of locally grown produce and composting efforts to careful choices about products and waste disposal, we strive to reduce waste.
  • SCH Academy currently has several student-led Eco Clubs which meet to discuss and identify environmental issues of concern and actively engage in projects to help make our world a greener place.
Accolades & Awards

  • SCH was the first school in Pennsylvania to be a Certified Green Restaurant® through the Green Restaurant Association. We received a 3-star Green Restaurant certification.
  • 2012 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School.
  • Bronze and Silver Awards from the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools program.
  • In 2017, SCH for being the first Pennsylvania independent school to win the National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools USA Green Flag award! As the NWF's program said, "SCH staff and students are doing incredible work, and it was really obvious that being a green school is part of the culture. That’s hard to achieve!" Thanks to all of our students, teachers and staff for helping us achieve even greater progress with sustainability efforts and recognition for all the greening of our campus.
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