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SCH wins preservation recognition award from Chestnut Hill Conservancy

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy received the Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s Preservation Recognition Award on January 6.
This award recognizes SCH’s historic restoration of the Wissahickon Inn’s “Exchange.” Last summer, the school’s formal entrance enjoyed a total historic renovation thanks to a generous grant from the William B. Dietrich Foundation. The Exchange restoration work included cleaning and refinishing of the oak paneling, installation of historically accurate and custom-milled doors and lighting, repairing and refinishing of the wood floors, plaster restoration, and a fresh coat of white paint. 

“We are fortunate that SCH made this commitment to one of Chestnut Hill’s most treasured buildings,” Shirley Hanson, chair of the Preservation Committee, said. “In addition to the grant you received for the restoration, we appreciate the extra care and thought that you and others contributed to the results. We are happy to honor your work with our Preservation Recognition Award.”
Photo caption: Pictured in the back row from left are SCH Director of Advancement Jennifer McHugh '84, Justin Dougherty '20, Sena Houessou-Adin '19, Alexia Lindsay '19, Head of School Steve Druggan, and front row, Conservancy Board President Eileen Javers, Bobby Hill '19 , and Chair of the Preservation Committee Shirley Hanson.