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Mazel Tov to junior Kylie Cantos

SCH junior Kylie traveled to Dallas over the long weekend to attend the B'nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO) International Convention, attended by 3000+ Jewish teens from 54 countries, where she won two awards, both fueled by the CEL program.
First, she won the “Anita M. Perlman Stand Up Award,” recognizing individuals who stand up and better their community through consistent and quality community service.  Individuals winning the award had to have at least 50 hours of community service and be involved in BBYO and other organizations. Kylie’s CEL capstone project, VolunTEAM, anchored her application for this award as it is a software platform that enables teens to find volunteer opportunities that best fit their skills, interests, and availability. As a sophomore, Kylie earned the MacGyver Resourcefulness capstone award. She has continued to pursue this project this year, through the CEL Venture Accelerator course, and earned $500 in funding from GripTape, a national organization that provides grants for students to pursue their passions and interests.
Kylie also won the “Arevut Speak Up Award,” recognizing individuals who have gone above and beyond to educate themselves and their peers about the State of Israel and to advocate on behalf of it. Kylie co-chaired an advocacy night in October 2019 for the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia an event attended by 50+ adults whereby she facilitated discussion related to combating antisemitism. Kylie credits the tools she learned during her extensive and invaluable training as an SCH facilitator for the confidence and composure she was able to bring to this experience.
Well done, Kylie!