What skills can pre-school-age children develop through a private school Pre-K program?

Thinking about putting your preschool-age child in a private school Pre-K program? Find out how they can benefit from early learning.
When children are enrolled in a private school Pre-K program, they will learn to share with others and build basic skills, but what exactly is the expected outcome of exposing a child to a private Pre-Kindergarten curriculum?

Here are a few hints on what to expect for your Pre-K age student.

What skills can preschool-age children develop through a private school Pre-K program?

  • Life Readiness – Important life skills are built into the SCH early education curriculum. They discover how to hone in on probable solutions by using higher-level thought processes in private schools. They learn empathy, creative problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, and communication skills. Students demonstrate the ability to listen to others as they share and learn how to respond appropriately; they engage in discussions in order to attempt to identify a classmate’s needs as well as to have meaningful and constructive conversations about project failures; and they begin to demonstrate an ability to generate conversations where they are giving and receiving positive comments.
  • School Readiness – One of the overarching purposes of putting a child into a Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is to prepare them for school. At SCH Academy preschool-age kids learn to adhere to a daily schedule. Academically, students are introduced to counting, numeration, geometric shapes, measurement, and data analysis. Additionally, critical thinking skills are developed as children think through projects from start to finish. 

Private School: Pre-K Students Can Benefit from Early Learning | SCH

How can private school Pre-K students benefit from daily school routines?

  • Student Ownership – As preschool-age children, students start to develop an understanding of their talents and pursuits. Higher levels of thinking should be encouraged as students take responsibility for their actions and experience project-based learning and problem-solving. 
  • Experience with Technology – Pre-K age children have the intuition to pick up technology quickly. Accordingly, private school Pre-K programs should be set up so that students can take advantage of utilizing modern technical devices in their learning. All students in the SCH Academy Lower School have access to an iPad in a 1:1 environment.
  • Cutting Edge Environments – Pre-Kindergarten curriculum options should include spaces that are innovative and foster learning to set each student up for success.
  • Personalization - Each Pre-K student learns differently. As such, learning environments should focus on catering to all styles of learners in a user-friendly way.
  • Real-World Application – Even at the Pre-K age, children can learn concepts that will benefit them once they launch out into the world of adulthood. Private school Pre-K programs should offer students the opportunity to ask questions, think on their own, and either succeed or learn constructively from failures.

Private School: Pre-K Students Can Benefit from Early Learning | SCH

Why should you consider SCH’s private school Pre-K program for your student?

The advantages of a private school Pre-K program are visible everywhere at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Students learn a variety of subjects in a comfortable environment while discovering skills that will serve them well through adulthood. Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum fosters problem-solving, relationship building, learning skills, and both independent and critical thinking.
SCH is built on a foundation of over 150 years of community, academic excellence, and tradition, and we also lay the groundwork for our students as they start their elementary school years. 

What is next for my Pre-K age student?

Starting your student in a private school Pre-K program is highly beneficial and can be the support they need to build confidence from now into adulthood.
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