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SCH takes step to reclaim American chestnut’s place with new grove of 70 trees

Brendan Sample, Chestnut Hill Local
The American chestnut tree, which once covered the northwest area of Philadelphia, and lent its name to the neighborhood, Chestnut Hill, has suffered so much decimation, it is considered “functionally extinct.”

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy has partnered with the American Chestnut Foundation in an effort to help restore the neighborhood’s namesake to its former glory. As part of that partnership, SCH officially dedicated an on-campus grove for planting 70 blight-resistant American chestnuts on Friday, Sept. 13.

Read full story in the Chestnut Hill Local here.

Photo #1:
SCH seniors assisted first-grade boys with the ceremonial planting of the first American Chestnut tree. (From left) Simon Nong, Luke Feeney, Sara Fitzsimmons from American Chestnut Foundation, Khai Hendricks (crouching) Mathew Hutchinson (standing) and Miles Moderski.

Photo #2:
Present for the ceremonial planting of American Chestnut trees at Springside were: (Kids in front, from left) Joseph Dybas, Bea Hager, Annie Cooper, and Aubri Capers; (In the back row, from left) Charlie Larkin, Aja’nae Hall-Callway, alumna Sally Quale, who helped spearhead the initiative, Sara Fitzsimmons, Director of Restoration at the American Chestnut Foundation, former Board Chair Dick Hayne, his granddaughter Dorie Hayne and Emma Schwenderman.

Photo #3:
Dick Hayne, Sally Quale, Steve Druggan, Sara Fitzsimmons, Frank Aloise.

Photo #4:
Senior and buddy preraping a tree for planting.