6 Advantages of Private School Over Public School

By Dave Rauch

Want to know more about the main advantages of private school over public school education? Check out this article to find out more!
Have you ever wondered about the advantages of private school over public school education? Or why would parents want to consider private school for their child when they have access to solid public school options? 

Private school education is a great choice for parents who want their children to have a superior college preparatory experience, while gaining hands-on experience that will serve them well beyond the classroom walls and beyond their graduation years.

As Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management at SCH, I’m going to explain the advantages of choosing private over public schools that will help you make an informed decision about your child’s education.


1. Enriched academic opportunities.

Private schools provide exceptional educational experiences for their students.

Through extensive curricular options private schools tend to place more emphasis on specific programming, extracurricular activities (such as sports, theater, robotics, and more), as well as Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The aim of the majority of private schools is to help students challenge themselves academically while finding their passion and voice.

At SCH Academy, our mission is to inspire unbounded curiosity and independent thought in every one of our students. We also offer unique programming through our Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) that allows students to develop a unique mindset specifically for grades 1 through 12. 

These educational experiences lead to even more academic opportunities later on as private school students consistently score in the top percentile on college entrance exams.

In addition to academics, the top colleges place a large emphasis on your child’s extracurricular activities such as clubs, athletics, STEM, arts, and the pursuit of one’s passion. 

Typically, private schools have more resources to help your child develop their strengths and passions during these activities while giving them a much-needed break from the rigorous curriculum. 

Offering a wider range of extracurricular activities and opportunities to explore in a smaller classroom setting, your child is more likely to find something they are truly interested in. Leadership opportunities are abound and students gain practical tools for the future.

2. Smaller classes.

Smaller class sizes are one of the biggest advantages private schools have over public schools.

A 2002 study found that smaller class sizes lead to better performance on academic achievement tests.

Private schools vary greatly in size but nearly all of them prioritize an intimate classroom experience.  The average SCH Lower School classroom size ranges from 10-20 students, and the average student teacher ratio is seven to one. 

This allows teachers to individually improve the students’ challenges while nurturing and empowering their strengths and passions.

3. Dedicated teachers.

At SCH, our faculty has an average of 18 years of teaching experience and 72% of our faculty have advanced degrees. Faculty refine their teaching practice through robust professional development opportunities throughout the summer months and even during the school year. 

They are qualified and passionate about their subjects, making them excellent teachers and mentors.

In addition, teachers with smaller class sizes have more time to give extra help to students. 

Students are able to develop close relationships with their teachers, which serves them well when it comes to securing excellent college recommendation letters or help with a subject they may be struggling with.


4. A safe and friendly environment.

A 2013 study by the Friedman Institute showed that the top reasons parents choose private schools are related to having a safe, friendly learning environment. Given the small class size and quality environment at SCH, faculty and staff provide a high level of attentiveness and develop healthy student-teacher relationships to ensure your child is properly supported.

Private schools have a reputation for maintaining high standards of discipline and respect. 

The strong sense of community discourages dangerous behavior and encourages the development of healthy peer relationships.

These relationships often last well-beyond graduation, creating rich networking opportunities later in life as well as life-long friendships.


5. Small-school feel with big-school resources. 

Private schools can provide students with more opportunities and resources to explore their interests and nurture their passions.

With our expansive 62-acre campus, SCH’s facilities are abundant with college-level resources. From our indoor rowing tank and robotics labs (with multiple 3-D printers), to our Lower School maker’s space and neighboring woods, students are lucky to have access to all of this and more.    

From athletic fields to science labs, private school education ensures access to resources public schools might not be able to offer.

6. Development for today's and tomorrow's world.

Private schools go beyond the required curriculum and offer unique educational experiences like SCH’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, robotics and engineering, and applied physics, which prepare children for taking on real-world challenges in today’s competitive marketplace.

These courses and curriculum often produce some of the most accomplished scientists, business owners, and world leaders.

Private schools also have a history of adapting quickly to the changing landscape of today’s world, which makes them ideal for preparing your child for the challenges of tomorrow.

SCH’s Chair of Engineering and Robotics often states, “We give our students the book on how to code a robot as well as prepare them for real-world problems by giving them challenges that might not be found on the page but solved through trial and error.” 

Why You Should Choose SCH

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH) offers a superior educational experience that prepares students to be considered for the top colleges and universities in the world.

Our curriculum is tailored to your child’s age, gender, and learning style, which allows them to feel comfortable exploring a variety of subjects.

We believe in equipping children with real-world skills that will help them stand out in a highly competitive environment—without sacrificing play or giving up their passions.

For example, our engineering and robotics program combines project-based instruction and playful, competitive challenges to help shape the engineers and scientists of the future.

With over 150 years of tradition, community, and academic excellence behind us, we are proud to offer a superior educational experience that enables our students to lead incredibly fulfilling lives inside and outside the classroom.

What’s Next?

Private school education offers numerous advantages over public school education.

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