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SCH Participates in Building Adventure, Rappels 29 Stories

An intrepid group of adventure seekers ventured to new heights as a crew from SCH took part in the Philadelphia Outward Bound School's (POBS) "Building Adventure."

The SCH team rappeled 29 (!) stories down the Two Commerce Square building in support of the school's longstanding partnership with POBS. 

Prior to the event, Head of Upper School Matt Norcini invited students who were interested in soaring to new heights to submit a short video making their case. The students who earned the right to rappel with Norcini and Steve Druggan were: Jake Carpenter '20, Luke Percy '20, Lenny Lorenz '21, Riley Redpath '19, Esther Lamb '21, Dean Angelus '22. Parent Bruce Redpath partnered with the SCH team as well.