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SCH Opens 50-year-old Time Capsule

This past weekend, with over 700 alumni on campus over the course of the school's reunion weekend, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy celebrated many historic milestones, including the opening of a time capsule that had been placed as a cornerstone in the current Lower School for Girls building in 1969.

Chief Financial Officer Frank Aloise chiseled the cement block out of the corner of the building, which students have been occupying for 50 years and which is scheduled to be torn down starting next week. On Saturday morning, prior to a tour of the new McCausland Lower School, a group of alumni had the chance to view the time capsule opening.

With onlookers eagerly awaiting the big reveal, Aloise pried open the lid of the capsule, about the size of a traditional mailbox. Despite the best efforts of those who packed and sealed it, much of the contents of the capsule was waterlogged. Nonetheless, the contents were carefully extricated and placed on the sidewalk to dry, revealing the following memorabilia: a Philadelphia Inquirer with the headline “Journey Clears Way for Landing on the Moon”; the weekly lunch menu featuring hot dog, celery, carrots, and cake; a class list for each grade; a history of the Springside School from 1879 to 1954; the school’s phone directory; and several polaroids taken in 1969. [Note to archivists: be sure to triple protect your documents against the elements!]

Peggy Mandell, a loyal member of the Class of 1969, was present for the big reveal. She remarked, “It was exactly 50 years since the cornerstone was set and here we are today poised to tour the beautiful new McCausland Lower School. The symmetry of it all is elegant and stunning, and no school does a more authentic job of being at once future focused and reverently respectful of its past.”

To see videos of the opening, readers can go to the SCH Instagram account: @schacademy.