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Chess Team Returns to Campus with New Hardware

Four members of the SCH Chess Team attended the U.S. Chess Federation's annual Jr. High Nationals held in Dallas, TX, at the Gaylord Hotel. They played in the competitive “K - 9 Under 1250" ratings category with 67 other teams. The boys placed 11th overall, garnering them a team trophy. Each of the team members contributed to this success: Paolo Marchiano ’22, Liam Reeves ’22, Zach Schapiro ’22, and JJ Detweiler ’21. Congratulations also to Zach Schapiro, who earned an individual trophy, placing 13th out of 199 competitors with 5.5 game wins out of 7. 
The team looks forward to having more members participate in upcoming national tournaments, with particular interest in the SuperNationals held in Nashville in May of 2021. There’s time to get in on the action! We are happy to accept additional male and female players to the SCH team for this fall. If interested, please contact Donna Schapiro (dms2823@yahoo.com) or Heather Knopf (heather.d.knopf@gmail.com) for more information.