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Sustainably-minded Ellen Kruger makes SCH a better place

Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...in the world of physics that statement is definitely true, especially if you are Ellen Kruger, whose father was an engineering professor at Stanford.
“Little known fact: I’m originally from northern California. Grew up with a father who believed in talking about science in our everyday so it wasn’t scary or intimidating,” says Ellen Kruger, Upper School physics teacher, Green Task Force Chair, advisor to the GSA and Eco Clubs, honorary alumna and SCH teacher for the past 16 years. “The people make working here so wonderful,” gushes Ellen. “We have the best students and the best colleagues who make this environment so warm and inviting.”

Ellen admits that projects where her students drive, ones where she takes a backseat, are the projects that really make her proud. When asked to describe a “typical” SCH student, Ellen says, “There is no typical SCH student. They can be whoever they want, and no one type of kid gets celebrated more than another.”

Ten years of PJAS science fair coordination for over 100 students, along with a trip west to Penn State for the state PJAS competition, AND coordination help with three SCHout conferences and three Days of Understanding makes us go “phew!” after hearing about Ellen’s daily and extracurricular activities past and present.

“Ellen is one of those people who makes the world a better place,” exclaims Scott Stein, head of the Science Department at SCH. “She always puts her students' well being, her science classes, her teaching, and her colleagues before herself. Nothing is ever too much for her and...she does it above and beyond all expectations.”

Fitting that Ellen makes the world a better placewe celebrate her in advance of Earth Day and her incentives to be sustainably minded and #thoughtful (eg. leading the cause for the campus’s solar panel array, one of the largest in Philadelphia during its installment, or recycling stations in the cafeterias, or reducing our carbon footprints with this year’s focus: eco-friendly transportation).

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