Crew at 4th Manny Flick

SCH sent out 15 boats to beautiful weather at the 4th Manny Flick
The Blue Devils had 3 first place boats, The Girls JV quad (E. Webb, P. Sweeney, D. McTamney, O. McHugh), Girls Varsity double (A. Stallworth, N. Turner), and the Boys Lightweight quad (E. Cunningham, E. rusk, W. Jaeger, I. McLelland) all took home gold.

5 boats placed 2nd:  Girls 9th double, Girls JV double, Girls 9th quad, Boys 9th quad, and Boys JV double

4 boats placed 3rd: Girls JV quad, Girls 9th double, Boys JV quad, and Boys varsity single

Girls JV single was 4th, Boys 9th quad was 5th and Boys varsity quad  was 6th.

Congratulations to all rowers and to the parents who took care of the tent and refreshments!