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SCH biology students win major awards at George Washington Carver Science Fair

Congratulations to the following students for earning recognition at this year's George Washington Carver Science Fair.  They competed against the best 11th and 12th grade students in the city of Philadelphia from Central High School, Masterman, Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia Academy Charter School, Germantown Friends School, and other excellent science programs.
They displayed their research and presented their work to a group of judges/scientists. 20 of 27 students received honors this year at the awards ceremony at the Academy of Natural Sciences! SCH students won 1st place medals in 6 of the 10 categories that we entered and half of the possible medals in those categories. In addition, students won a variety of specialty awards, totaling over $700.  
Students who earned a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal and are eligible for the regional Delaware Valley Science Fair, competing against the best students from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  
Corinne Motl - Effects of Essential Oils on Polypropylene Plastics; 1st Place medal & Braskem Award for Outstanding Achievements in Science and Engineering: 3rd place $25
Dominique Regli - Plant Identification Using Python Programming; 1st Place medal & Geiger Award for Ingenuity $100
Alena Wang - Resistance to Chlorine of Blepharisma;  1st Place medal & Naval Science Award
Caden Traversari - The Effect of Endocytosis Altering Substances on  Vacuole Formation in Tetrahymena; 1st Place medal
Katherine Huggett - How Your Alarm Clock Affects Your Pulse ;  1st Place medal
Haotian Cao (12th grade ISP) -  Is it Vivianite?: Chemical Analysis of Soil from a Historic  Cemetery in Olde City Philadelphia; 1st Place medal
Charlie Larkin - The Effect of Exercise on Your Brain; 2nd Place medal
Jack Kollmar - Effects of Planetary Rotation on Plant Growth; 2nd Place medal
Sabrina Wang - Bioprinting Alginate “Microbeads” as a  Biodegradable Antibacterial Exfoliate: Simultaneously Promoting Cleaner Skin and Cleaner Oceans; 2nd Place medal & Astrazeneca Advancing Science For Better Health Award $250
Sophia Kamien - Effects of Chemical Food Dye on Fruit Flies; 2nd Place medal

Emma Stern - The Effects of Cooking on Broccoli Vitamin C Retention; 3rd place medal
Zhixuanl (Abigail) Li -  Effect of the spectrum of artificial  lighting on the photosynthesis rate of chlorella; 3rd place medal
Annie McDonald - Vitamin C’s Validity as an Antiviral: A Study of the Effects of Ascorbic Acid on T4 Bacteriophage Infected Escherichia coli; 3rd Place medal
Riley Farbstein - A Study on the Impact of JUUL Pod Solution on Dugesia tigrina Growth; 3rd Place medal

Marco Goldberg - Survey of Concussion amongst High School Wrestlers and their Parents; Honorable Mention & Astrazeneca Advancing Science For Better Health Award $250
Abbie Rorke - The Effect of Amount of Sleep on Anxiety Levels; Honorable Mention & Health Tech Award $100

Maya Schwenderman - The Effect of Peanuts on the  Production of Heat in the Human Body; Honorable Mention
Julianna Smith - A Study of DNA Films UV Absorption; Honorable Mention
Joi Rae Connor - Effects of Salinity on Radish Seed Growth; Honorable Mention
Erin Fennessy - Effects of Different Detergents on Stain Removal; Honorable Mention