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SCH's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership presents Winter Capstone Showcase Awards

SCH’s Capstone Showcase Night in January celebrated our 10th graders' inventions, business ventures, and creative endeavors with an invitation for parents and students to walk through the Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) space and learn firsthand about each Capstone project.
The Capstone is a unique, self-directed experience in which SCH sophomores design projects that are inspired by their personal interests. Visitors enjoyed displays and demos that told the story of both their process and the final product.

Following the Capstone Showcase Night, the CEL team hosted an awards ceremony. Congratulations to the following students on their awards! 

  • App Studio Award: Colton Roberts and Will Percy for “Hydrojersey”
  • Invention Studio Award: Vicki Cohen for her custom guitar
  • New Media Studio Award: Brooke Prochniak and Polly Sweeney for “Safe Shield”
  • Social Impact Studio Award: Ella Webb and Eva Swanger for “EVLA”
  • Startup Studio Award: Mikayla Merin for “Kidz on Wheelz”
  • Infinity Prize for Resiliency: Sadie Duncan for “Distraction-Less”
  • Delphi Opportunity Seeking Prize: Finn Seifert for “Reentry Rehab”
  • MacGyver Resourcefulness Prize: Kylie Cantos for “VolunTEAM”
  • Da Vinci Creativity Prize: Julia Barrist for “All Mixed UP”
  • Kaleidoscope People’s Choice Prize: TJ Spirito, Fitz McLaughlin, and Peter Humphreys for “Pleco”
  • Dr. Sands Entrepreneurial Mindset Prize: Caroline Reitmeyer for “Philabot”