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Accommodations to the Regular Education Program

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy recognizes that even within a population of very high-achieving students, there will be the need to accommodate various learning styles and needs. Teachers and administrators work to provide a variety of activities, assignments, and assessments to allow success for a wide range of learners. In addition, students may qualify for and receive specific individual educational accommodations in their classes. 
Students who seek these accommodations to the regular education program at SCH must comply with the following documentation guidelines and criteria to demonstrate the need for such accommodations:
1.     Across divisions, a need must be documented by testing that:
-Has occurred within a maximum of three calendar years of the initial request for accommodations.
-Is conducted by a licensed psychologist, certified school psychologist, or psychiatrist.
-Provides a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation including assessment of all educationally relevant aspects of the student’s functioning.
-Includes, on the report of the evaluation, pertinent test results along with an interpretive narrative of those results which address the educational implications of the disability and/or disorder.
-Contains evidence for the need for specific accommodations.
2.     The report of the evaluation must be submitted in full to SCH Academy, where it will be reviewed by the school psychologist and the division head.
3.    When the above steps have been completed, the school psychologist will review the report and determine, in consultation with the division head, which recommendations are to be implemented by the school. These recommended accommodations will be delineated in an Official Accommodations Plan (OAP).
4.     Both the school and the parents will review the OAP and sign it before the OAP will take effect.
5.     A summary of the report and OAP, prepared by the school psychologist, will be retained in the student’s file and pertinent information will be disseminated each year to his or her teachers.
Please see FAQs for additional information about Official Accommodation Plans, including specific accommodations offered by SCH.