Alumni Award Winners
2019 CHA Alumni Award Winners

Alumnus of the Year Award: Tim Greenwood '69

The Chestnut Hill Academy Alumnus of the Year award recognizes an alumnus for outstanding service to the Alumni Association or to Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

As one member of the Alumni Awards Committee said during the deliberations, “Hands down, this award should go to Tim Greenwood.  We have been very lucky to have him as a dedicated alumnus, parent, grandparent and committed volunteer. Tim has supported the development office through and through, from introducing then incoming Head of School Steve Druggan to our community, serving on the Alumni Association Board,  to chairing his 50th Reunion last May! Tim’s commitment has never wavered and we have been fortunate to have him share his time and acumen in helping SCH Academy strive for excellence.”
Tim’s devotion to the Blue and Blue has long and deep roots to CHA, Springside, and now SCH Academy as the father of three, Sarah, class of 1997, Thomas, class of 2001, and Fraser, class of 2003. He is the proud grandfather of Isabel, class of 2028, and future students Finn, William and Jamie.

After attending CHA, Tim earned a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Denver in 1973. For the past seven years, he has been the Sr. Vice President of Tompkins  Insurance. Prior to that he was a Managing Director of Business Development at VIST FC and a Principal at the Boothby Group.

One of Tim’s true loves, and the beneficiary of much of his time and expertise is Outward Bound. He is a member of the Outward Bound Founders Circle for the Philadelphia Chapter which was started with the help of Mayor Michael Nutter who was running for City Council at the time and several other dedicated community members in 1992.

Former Executive Director of Outward Bound in Philadelphia and now Chief Advancement Officer at Outward Bound USA,  Katie Paskuszeknotes that “Outward Bound is the world’s oldest and largest adventure-based education program. An important part of Outward Bound is building character and leadership skills and the importance of understanding the need for individuals to be of service to their community. These are critical elements of education that cannot be easily addressed in a standard school setting.”

CHA and now Springside Chestnut Hill Academy has long recognized the value of outdoor education.  It was Tim’s vision to forge a larger commitment between Outward Bound and SCH Academy offering to as many students as possible an opportunity to learn about the healthy risks and real challenges of the natural world with a direct experience. That vision became a reality, and now beginning with the youngest students, SCH Academy students embark on frequent trips including a week-long Outward Bound adventure for the entire ninth grade.

Tim also serves on the Board of Directors of the new Discovery Center in Philadelphia.  This center is a joint venture with the Audubon Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Outward Bound School with a goal to “ save and sustain a vital part of our natural heritage in a unique partnership.” The center is located in Fairmount Park - close to Strawberry Mansion - where a century-old abandoned reservoir has become a unique wildlife sanctuary and an important stopover location for migrating birds. As a lifelong naturalist, Tim has always valued the outdoors and we look forward to his future adventures.

Thank you Tim, this year’s Chestnut Hill Academy Alumnus of the Year, for your dedication and support.