Team 1218 at the FMA SCH Academy Event Wins Autonomous Award

Team 1218 wraps it up for the season

Another successful season for the upper school robotics teams who traveled to Houston with 450 other robotic teams in the world. But they didn't call it a day after Texas! They had a camera crew (PHL 17) and reporter (Alex Butler) come to interview the team and get a sneak peek of what SCH's Engineering & Engineering Department offers. Click below to watch the footage taken on Wednesday, April 27:

Watch PHL 17


Lehigh University Robotics Round-up

The SCH Robotics Team is at the FIRST World Championship in Houston, Texas! The team solidified its spot with a great showing at the FIRST Mid-Atlantic (FMA) District Championship held at Lehigh University on April 7-9. There, the team went 8-4 in its qualifying matches and ranked 12th overall, linking up with the 7th-seeded alliance captain Team 1391, Metal Moose from Westtown School in West Chester, PA, and Team 834, the SparTechs from Southern Lehigh High School in Lehigh Valley, PA. The 7th-seeded alliance lost a hard-fought quarterfinals to the second-seed alliance. Due to its successful qualifying season in the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District competition, the team will be one of the 20 FMA teams competing moving on to compete at Worlds.

FMA District Tournament Recap

Recap of the action at the FMA District Qualifier. Made by the Upper School Team 1218 media team, produced by "Philip" Yichen Huang '23.

Team 1218 at Lehigh 2022

Picture of Robotics at Leigh University

FIRST Mid-Atlantic District COMPETITION

On March 18-20, SCH’s Team 1218 advanced to the finals with the Blue Team Alliance, and is ranked 4th in the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District (out of 126 teams). They also earned one of the coveted special awards, the Autonomous Award, which “celebrates the team that has demonstrated consistent, reliable, high-performance robot operation during autonomously managed actions. Evaluation is based on the robot’s ability to sense its surroundings, position itself or onboard mechanisms appropriately, and execute tasks," states FIRST. Once all of the 120 teams in our district have competed in two qualifiers, the top 60 teams will be invited to the District Championship at Lehigh University. The top 22 ranked teams from our district will be invited to the FIRST World Championship held late April in Houston, Texas. 

In this year's game, RAPID REACT, two competing alliances are invited to process cargo for transportation. Each alliance is assigned a cargo color (red or blue, based on alliance affiliation) to process by retrieving their assigned cargo and scoring it into the hub. Human players assist the cargo retrieval and scoring efforts from within their terminals. In the final moments of each match, alliance robots race to engage with their hangar to prepare for transport. Each match begins with a 15-second autonomous period, during which time alliance robots operate only on pre-programmed instructions to score points by: • taxiing from their tarmac and • retrieving and scoring their assigned cargo into the hub. In the final 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the match, drivers take control of the robots and score points by: • continuing to retrieve and score their assigned cargo into the hub and • engaging with their hangar. The alliance with the highest score at the end of the match wins! 

Download the RAPID REACT game overview here (PDF).
Download the RAPID REACT season materials here (PDF).


First Mid-Atlantic Recap

Team 1218 hosted the FMA Tournament on March 18-20 and finished 12th in the region. Take a look and enjoy all the fun they had being back in person since 2019, their World Championship year. Onto the eliminations round in Lehigh!

Chairman's video

Team 1218's video about SCH Academy's Robotics & Engineering department. 


Meet Team 1218

SCH Academy's Upper School Robotics & Engineering Team
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Heather (the robot)

With a tracking turret, 12 second traversal bar climb, swerve drive, speedy intake, and an opposing cargo rejection system, Heather is prepared to take on the challenges of the FIRST Robotics Rapid React Competition.
Robotics Team World Champions

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