Outward Bound

high schoolers on outward bound hiking
Here at SCH Academy, Outward Bound expeditions are a natural extension of our existing 9th grade program. Outward Bound’s learning approach, one that “emphasizes high achievement through active learning, character development, and teamwork,” is an excellent complement to our existing orientation, advisory, and sports programs that will make the transition to Upper School both easier and more meaningful for our students. The creation of a positive group culture emphasizes compassion, integrity, excellence, and inclusion—the same values we find in every SCH classroom. 

Ultimately, what Outward Bound taught me is that I had to let go, I had to let the students have their own experience, and I had to appreciate the opportunity to watch the growth and experience from the sidelines. I witnessed their triumphs and failures, suffered through hours of silence and miles of trail, but it all helped me fully appreciate the moment they started to come together, and the students took full ownership for their experience and for each other. There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing moments like that. 

Head of Upper School

Matt Norcini, Head of Upper School

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