SPRING 2021 ShowCase winners

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For a student in high school to have a full semester to have the opportunity to work on something they are really passionate about—there is nothing else like it.

Former Capstone Student 

The Sands Award

Awarded in honor of former Head of School Dr. Priscilla Sands, this honor is given to the student or student team whose project embodies all four entrepreneurial pillars: Resiliency, Opportunity Seeking, Resourcefulness, and Creativity. In addition, this prize considers commitment and execution. It is awarded by the CEL faculty & judges to the team that truly went above and beyond expectations.

Showcase Award Winners

Judges' Picks from outside, expert entrepreneurs.

Mindset Awards

These students embodied the resilience, resourcefulness, and adaptability that define an entrepreneurial problem solver.

This student or student team embraced challenges and exhibited a relentless commitment to their goals.

Awarded to the student or student team that identified the most interesting opportunity of all Capstone projects. This prize is intended for a student or student team that seeks to both solve problems and to make a broad, real-world impact with their solution.

Awarded to the student or student team that went “beyond the classroom” in pursuit of their Capstone project. These students sought resources and knowledge that weren’t readily available. They worked with external mentors, and utilized tools and technologies in a unique and inventive fashion.

Awarded to the student or student team that approached their Capstone project with the most creativity.

Awarded to the student team that expertly delegated tasks, effectively communicated as a group, and treated one another with respect.

Studio Awards

Awarded to a top project in each studio and selected by the CEL faculty mentors.

People's Choice Prize

The most popular project based on the public vote.

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The below project winners are from the Spring 2021 Virtual Capstone Showcase. All won in one or more of the various categories listed above.