Fall Faculty Show: The Other Life on show Oct 5 - Dec 8, 2023
%22Licking Sand%22 by Dan Brewer, former SCH Upper School Arts Faculty
Judy Callas, MS art faculty,  painting for Faculty Art Show

Judy Callas painting for Faculty Art Show

Pete Capano SCH's Arts Faculty B&W Photo
Irene Yoon, MS Art Faculty, pottery on display for the Arts Faculty Show

Irene Yoon, MS Art Faculty, pottery on display

Dan Brewer, former SCH Upper School Visual Arts Teacher

The other life
Fall faculty art show

opens October 5, 2023

The SCH Arts Department is proud to present the Fall Faculty Show: The Other Life. This exhibition displays works by 10 of SCH’s active faculty artists in a time and space that is both connected to and separate from their teaching practice. Through their work, they find their own unique space and medium to decompress, reflect, create, and rejuvenate which, as a result, gives a boost of authenticity to their teaching practice.

When they were art students, they wanted to know their teachers' creative work, what they thought, and what their working process was. They wanted to experience their teacher’s work as artists or their “other life.” Curator Daniel Brewer says, ”Our hope is that this exhibition can offer SCH students an opportunity to connect with us through our visual work and communicate in ways that words cannot express.”

Please join our arts faculty in the gallery for the opening reception, Thursday, October 5, 5:00 - 6:30 PM. To schedule a visit to the gallery, please reach out to Director of Arts Megan Monaghan (mmonaghan@sch.org) or Barbara Crawford Gallery Liaison Heidi Painter (heidi.painter@sch.org). 

On View at SCH: Thursday, October 5 - Friday, December 8, 2023


at SCH's Barbara Crawford Gallery

MARK MY WORDS: Dawn Kramlich (2023)

Chronic Creativity: Jessie Jane Lewis (2022-2023)

Sam Feinstein (2020-2021)


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Visit SCH's Barbara Crawford Gallery with a member of the SCH Arts Department. 

The gallery is open to the public by appointment only. Note: tours will take place when school is not in session.

Questions? Email our Director of Arts, Megan Monaghan, at mmonaghan@sch.org