Dawn Kramlich: Mark My Words, Resistance Persistence It Takes Us to Make You
Dawn Kramlich: Mark My Words, Minds' Forge
Mark My Words: Dawn Kramlich detail of floor installation
Mark My Words: Dawn Kramlich 2023

Mark My Words: Visual/Verbal Translations of Power

by Dawn Kramlich

“There are few, if any, things more powerful and political than language,” says local artist Dawn Kramlich. We are pleased to announce the Barbara Crawford Gallery spring Art Show: Mark My Words, which features Kramlich’s work using various 2-D and 3-D media, including encaustic paintings (a technique in which pigments are mixed with hot liquid wax), and laser-cut matboard installations. 

What happens when artwork is both a painting and a poem? Or, when a poem is also an occupant of three-dimensional space? Kramlich, fascinated with the text+image relationship, centers her work on these questions due to “our existence in a society that barrages individuals with memes, ads, and digital conversations.” As a member of the millennial generation, she is keenly aware of—and influenced by—societal interpersonal shifts due to computer-mediated communication, and through her lens as a LGBTQ+ American woman, she often uses common phrases in her work to challenge or analyze power dynamics in society.

On View at SCH: February 9 - March 24, 2023

Dawn Kramlich explains her process for 'Mark My Words' as well as student lessons at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

Dawn Kramlich: Mark My Words, Minds' Forge

Minds’ Forge, floor text installation (exhibition views); Installed at Philadelphia Art Alliance in 2017. This piece includes the following words: I, me, you, have, changed.


The exhibition will run through March 24, 2023. To schedule a visit to the gallery, please reach out to director of Arts Megan Monaghan or Barbara Crawford liaison Heidi Painter. Artwork inquiries can be directed to Dawn Kramlich at dawnkramlich@gmail.com.


at SCH's Barbara Crawford Gallery

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Dawn Kramlich



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