High School photo for all school art show
Elementary artist for all school art show
Middle School Art pastel picture
Upper School ceramics for all school art show
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Elementary painting for all school art show
Middle School pastel sculpture painting
Lower School sculpture

all School Art Show

The all school art show is an SCH tradition going back decades to celebrate the creative work of our students Pre-K to grade 12. While we normally stroll the halls from the Wissahickon Inn down to the McCausland Lower School, this year we present this joyful springtime experience virtually for all to see. Please enjoy by clicking one or all of the below buttons.

Dr. Ellen Fishman, Director of the Arts & New Media

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senior Walls 2021

My favorite part of art is finding the answer. The process of making and creating has always been why I love it so much. There’s always a place I know my art has to go and I almost never know what that is when I start...

Juniper Moscow, Class of 2021

When I started ceramics, I quickly became passionate about working with the clay to create all sorts of different shaped pots with new designs and it inspired me to encounter each task in my day with more motivation and higher expectations for myself.

Phil McDowell, Class of 2021

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