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what is new media?

New Media, part of the arts curriculum, is one of the seven learning strands in the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), acknowledging its growing importance as part of the skill set that students will need to succeed in college and beyond. Through the school's New Media courses, and as part of the Pre K-12 arts curriculum, students are learning the latest technologies to help them become creators in a world that is increasingly digitally-based.

In the spirit of STEAM, collaboration between art and STEM classes at SCH Academy is growing every day. One day, we might have our ceramics teacher visit an Upper School chemistry class to discuss the chemical properties of glazes. Another day, we may have a visiting jewelry artist in Middle School demonstrate how they use the computer to design jewelry for the laser cutter and 3D printer. 

What's tricky is that the definition of new media changes daily, and it will continue to do so—meaning SCH's New Media curriculum is always evolving!

I’ll have parents come in, and they’ll say, ‘Wow, I don’t even know how to do this stuff! When are you going to teach the adult class?’ And I love it because you see the girls’ faces light up because they think, ‘Not even the adults know this stuff,’ and they feel empowered.

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