New Media

High School New Media

what is new media?

Through the school's New Media program, students are using the latest technologies to become creators in a world that is increasingly digitally-based. 

Our New Media faculty are constantly looking towards progressive, emerging technologies. We currently offer courses and after school programs including video production, music production, creative coding, design and fabrication, 3D design, interactive design, design and fabrication, photography, animation, and more. The definition of new media changes daily, and it will continue to do so—meaning SCH's New Media curriculum is always evolving! 

Students are encouraged to ask Why? and Why not? about the world around them.

The Fab Lab (in CEL) is a special and unique opportunity for students because it combines the skills and talents that the student already has, with something that they care about outside the classroom walls, and spend an entire semester beginning to design and craft a solution for that topic or problem. It is creative problem solving at its best, and in the end, New Media opens the doors to many more opportunities for the student beyond a normal curriculum.

New Media Faculty & Resident Architect

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