What Makes an SCH Education?

School Field Day Sportsmanship School Spirit

My favorite memory is feeling the exhilarating camaraderie on Blue and Gold Day. Cheering on my peers, rain or shine, and munching on fresh lemon sticks with my friends will always be special moments to me. This day of spirit, which encourages sportsmanship and healthy competition, is a beloved annual tradition that brings our community together in one fun-filled day!


Student Entrepreneurs High School App Developers

Center for Entrepreneurial LeadershipWhether the problem is water pollution or cultural bias, our students take on interesting challenges rooted within their passions. SCH student entrepreneurs have gone on to develop their own projects and apps, build companies, and even launch and sell their own products. We're proud to see our trademarked CEL curriculum taught internationally, enabling younger generations to gain the skills that will help them better shape their future.

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Robotics Building Competition Team

RoboticsThis is the place where our students are given the pieces to create and build—with no directions. Beginning in Lower School, all students learn to become designers and problem solvers through a schoolwide engineering and robotics curriculum. From Lego building to 3D printing and prototyping, our students are exposed to unique, hands-on challenges each day. 

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High school music education band orchestra instruments

Arts & New MediaBetween musical and dramatic productions, an SCH recording studio, 3D modeling, digital art, and more, self-expression is at the heart of our Arts and New Media program. Our faculty are working artists who teach foundational skills, foster courage to take creative risks, and believe in the value of each unique perspective and ability.

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Middle School Spirit Sportsmanship

Single-Sex to CoedAt SCH Academy, our Lower and Middle School students are able to develop an understanding of their strengths and affinities in a single-sex environment. They learn to be tenacious, try new things, tolerate failure as part of the learning process, and build the resilience to try again. When they reach our coed Upper School, students are ready to share their unique individuality with the world.

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girls elementary school science

Outdoor ProgramHaving a 62-acre campus means our students have ample space to play, learn, experiment, and explore. From hikes and science experiments to bug habitats and campus beehives, having a pair of waterproof boots is a must at SCH. Throughout the year, our faculty finds innovative ways to incorporate our backyard woods into lessons and the overarching curriculum.

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High School Varsity Soccer Player

AthleticsKnowing that participation in athletics improves students' self-confidence and overall health, our coaching staff is committed to fostering each student-athlete's decision-making, leadership skills, and sense of responsibility. At SCH, we offer 19 sports with teams at various playing levels.

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Middle School Students Clean the Woods Philadelphia

Diversity, Equity & InclusionBeing an inclusive community is not just a phrase in our mission statement, it is a value that we truly abide by and live into through our mindful and ever-present Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices played out in each and every student, faculty member and staff. We are committed to cultivating empathy and inclusion, and to nurturing the authentic expression of every individual.

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Our Favorite Places at SCHBeing the largest independent school in Philadelphia does not mean "big", it means "robust". There is a place to cultivate passion for everyone at SCH. See what we mean by watching our students describe their favorite places on campus

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