Sunset on Campus for Under the Lights photo taken by Julia Lehman Photography
Kindergarten girls use their firefly wings
Sean Elding playing violin in football jersey
Seniors swim in a sea of confetti in 100 day count down to graduation
SCH Academy in the Snow (Willow Grove Campus)

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Our Admissions Team is currently working on our first round applicants. If you are interested in learning more about SCH Academy, please call (215) 247-7007 or email ( Admissions Coordinator, Maggie Baker to receive up-to-date details about how to get started.

Our Admissions Events have been updated for the 2025-2026 application year. Please bare with us while we move through this busy admissions season (up through February). We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on campus soon!

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For immediate assistance, please call 215-247-7007 or email
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Team 1218 World Champion Robotics Team

Home of the 2019 World Champion Robotics team

I was walking through the science building, passed the Robotics Lab, and went back to the lab every day since. A kid was in there on a hoverboard, Mr. Randall was working with another student on a 3-D printer, and the place was alive with a curious energy. I ended up being a co-captain on the World Champion Robotics Team.


Coach Ed Adversa and Football Player

LARGE SCHOOL resources with personal coach-athlete relationships

In my 13 years at the school, it was way more than just an academic institution, it was a community where I learned and developed relationships that will last a lifetime.


Lower School Boys reading

Lower School CURRICULUM designed with your child’s learning in mind

We found high academic standards at SCH combined with the strong connection to outdoor education, learning support and the vast array of extra curricular opportunities for our children that are part of the culture at SCH.


Middle School Girl plays violin in orchestra


I am so grateful for the opportunities the school has offered me: science in the woods, CEL [Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership], performance, the list goes on. The ways to explore my passions feels infinite. I am lucky to call SCH my second home.


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