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Dear SCH Community,

As March begins, we are delighted to report that the search for a new head of school is well under way. We have tasked our search consultants, the Finney Search Group, with an extensive outreach plan to gather feedback from key stakeholders in our community. Finney has met, or will meet, with a wide cross-section of the school community, including division heads and department chairs, the management team, the Parents Association Executive board, the CHA and Springside alumni boards, the Black Alumni Group, the DEI Committee, the Blue Devils Athletic Committee, former trustees and board chairs, faculty and staff, and more. We, as co-chairs of the Search Committee, have also joined Dr. Druggan for “office hours'' with faculty, and we plan to join for future office hours. The goal of these meetings is for Finney to hear directly from SCH stakeholders about the characteristics they value in a leader, the strengths of our school, and where they think the school should focus its attention moving forward. These conversations have produced a robust roadmap for the work ahead.

We are committed to ensuring our search process is aligned with SCH's commitment to diversity and inclusion. This important topic has been raised in our conversations with the community, and our Board of Trustees. Our team at Finney have heard this message as well, and we are confident that Finney shares our community’s commitment to diversity. We are very confident that our search process will be an inclusive one, and we are confident that Finney has the experience and network to ensure their success in this regard.

In the month of February, the Finney Group has had initial conversations with potential candidates from all over the globe. Members of our community have sent us potential candidates, and the Finney Group has done significant outreach. The enthusiasm from the potential candidates and the community is heartening, and we are gathering an exceptional candidate pool for consideration.

The closing date for candidate applications is April 1, 2021. Between now and then the search group will continue to reach out to potential candidates and will have further meetings with members of our community. At that time, the work of the Search Committee will transition to evaluation of the candidates and, be assured, the committee will implement a process that continues to solicit input from our many stakeholders.

Please ensure that your voice is heard in the process. If you have not already done so, please complete the survey at the link below. The survey will be open until Friday, March 5, 2021. You can also email us at: hossearch@sch.org.


We are deeply grateful for your support and enthusiasm and the strength of this community. 

With appreciation,

Tim Levin P‘22, P‘24, P‘26
Nadine Badger Stevenson '90, P’24, P’27
Mims Maynard Zabriskie P'06, P'13, P'16
Search Committee Chairs

SCH has engaged The Finney Search Group to lead the search for our next Head of School.

All interested candidates are encouraged to send a resume, cover letter, and statement of Educational Philosophy to: 


Application Deadline:
April 1, 2021

Contact us:


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Head of School Search Committee

The ten-member team of the Head of School Search Committee are all current or former members of the school’s board of trustees. They bring a wealth of institutional knowledge and professional expertise to the task and include parents of 18 SCH students and 7 alumni as well as members of the 2015 Head of School search committee.

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