Endowed Funds

Endowed funds play an important role in Springside Chestnut Hill Academy’s overall development program. The annual income from these funds enriches the educational program and provides benefits for faculty and tuition assistance for students in need. With gifts of this kind, the principal is invested in the school’s endowment portfolio and the income is utilized to support the school with the fund’s intention. These are active funds to which contributions may be made at any time. Many families continue to make capital gifts to a specific fund, often to honor a family member, a beloved teacher, or a scholarship fund they care about, in addition to supporting The SCH Fund.
Named endowed funds may be established at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy with a gift of $50,000 or more and can be designated to support an area of interest for the donor, such as financial aid for deserving students, professional development for faculty, designated support for a department, technology, or athletics, academic, or extracurricular programs.

If you would like more information about an Endowed Fund or would like to make a gift, please contact Jenny McHugh, Director of Development.

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  • Designated Endowed Funds

    Deborah Beeler '64 Fund
    Given in memory of Deborah Wharton Beeler, Class of 1964, this fund is used to support an annual lecture where outside speakers are invited to address the students each year on a topic related to service to humanity.

    Rebmann Fund
    Named for Bill and Susie Rebmann, parents of Mary ’84, Laura ’81, and Leigh ’80, this fund provides financial support for summer enrichment or study for students. Each year students are encouraged to submit proposals that are evaluated by a faculty selection committee and chosen on their merit and value to the student. The recipients share their experiences with the Upper School when they return.

    Vare Award
    Created in the 1960s to honor Phyllis M. Vare, beloved coach and chair of the Physical Education Department, this award is given to a senior girl.

    Springside Class of 1957 Artist in Residency
    Established by the Class of 1957 in honor of their 50th reunion, this fund pays for someone in either the performing or visual arts to come to SCH Academy annually to work with girls in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, exposing them to diverse styles, methods, and achievements of noted professionals.

    Deborah Dempsey Writer’s Residency
    Established in 2000 in honor of Deborah Dempsey HA, English teacher at Springside for 29 years upon her retirement, the fund supports the residency of a professional writer, journalist, filmmaker, or playwright and celebrates Mrs. Dempsey’s teaching legacy, ensuring that her passion for personal expression continues.

    The Springside Class of 1955 and 1965 Wellness Fund
    Established by the Classes of 1955 and 1965 at their 45th and 35th reunions respectively to address the moral, ethical, and spiritual development of our students through ongoing programs and speakers, this fund supports the goal to create a supportive community environment where students are helped to make appropriate choices as they face difficult issues and decisions inherent in today’s world.

    1954 Composition Workshop Fund
    The Springside Class of 1954 earmarked their 55th reunion funds to further endow The Composition Workshop for Girls, an opportunity for students with a demonstrated interest in music and music appreciation.

    Foreign Language Fund
    Established in 2007, this fund supports the study of a foreign language.

    Florence Kleckner Scientist in Residence
    Established in 2007 by Barrie McNeil Jordan ’63 and Marjie McNeil Findlay ’65 in memory of Florence Kleckner HA, a beloved science teacher at Springside from 1952 to 1975 and later at Chestnut Hill Academy in the 1980s, this fund supports the visit of a nationally renowned scientist to SCH Academy every year.

    Alisa Burgis '77 Travel Fund
    Created in 2010 to honor the memory of Alisa Burgis of the Class of 1977 and her love of travel and new places, this fund supports students who travel on school-sponsored trips exploring new places, learning about other cultures, and bringing their experiences back to benefit the community.

    Lois Fernley McNeil ’36 Athletic Fund
    Established by Barrie McNeil Jordan ’63 and Marjie McNeil Findlay ’65 to honor their mother, Lois Fernley McNeil ’36, and her love of athletics, the fund provides athletic equipment, program development, training for athletes, and the Athletic Hall of Fame Award.

    The Steven Dafilou Tutoring Fund
    The Steven Dafilou Tutoring Fund was established in 2014 by the family and many friends of Steve Dafilou HA after his untimely death. Steve was the consummate teacher who made sure that every student achieved his or her potential. Over his career at Springside School and then Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Steve worked many hours beyond the traditional school day guiding students who needed extra time and attention. Income from the Steven Dafilou Tutoring Fund provides resources for students who need and deserve the extra support that Steve provided and championed. This fund is a fitting way to honor an irreplaceable teacher who gave more every single day.

    The Priscilla G. Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Fund
    Named in 2015 to honor Priscilla G. Sands’ 19-year tenure at SCH, Board Chair Dick Hayne generously established this fund in support of The Priscilla G. Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and to ensure that Sands’ dream of creative collaboration, problem-based learning, and design thinking is realized for future SCH students. This fund also includes a generous gift given in 2012 that supported the school’s new initiative, the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, this fund supports the program’s curriculum and initiatives.

    Anne J. Torrey Fund
    Created in 2001, this endowed fund provides Lower School students and their families with financial need additional resources for tutoring and testing.

    Frank B. Baird Jr. Science Fund
    Created in 1973 with a $1,000,000 gift from Mr. Baird, the fund provides annual support to the Science Department.

    Franklin and Margaret Steele H’12 Fund for Entrepreneurship
    The Franklin Steel Lecture Fund is now the Franklin and Margaret Steele H’12 Fund for Entrepreneurship. This fund will honor Frank’s legacy and his keen interest in the entrepreneurial spirit and those who shape the future by supporting internships for students in grade 9, 10, or 11 who wish to pursue their passion for a certain industry or business.

    The Joann Fund
    Established in loving memory of JoAnn Vacca by friends and family, The JoAnn Fund ensures that students with financial need are able to participate in special educational opportunities, including school trips and tutoring.

    John Hyland Dilks ’28 Athletic Fund
    Funded by Mrs. Margaret Dilks in 1982 in honor of her husband, a loyal alumnus, father, and grandfather of CHA boys, this fund supports the operation of a program that he held dear—athletics, and in particular football.

    The Magliano and McArdle Test Prep Fund
    Established in 2013, this fund is used to support the school’s College Counseling Office’s standardized test preparation class ensuring that all students have access to work that will make a difference in their preparation and test taking.

    Gizmo Fund
    Established in 2011 by an anonymous donor, the Gizmo Fund’s purpose is to promote the school’s Engineering and Robotics program as a signature program both within the school and its recognition regionally, nationally, and globally by providing funding for curriculum development and for the purchase of equipment and resource materials as determined by the leaders of the department.

    The Jamie Bell ’78 Music Fund
    Established in 2014, this fund was inspired by the life and musical passions of Jamie Bell ’78. Created by CHA ’78 classmate Jamie Maguire in collaboration with Jamie’s siblings, George Bell and Sophie Bell Ayres, this fund will inaugurate and sustain a new course in the Upper School music program that will focus on the understanding of the blues—the discipline that Jamie found most inspiring—and will foster a lifetime appreciation of musical genres that are derivatives of the blues: jazz, rock and roll, gospel, and country music. Other components of this fund will include travel and blues-related performances by students and/or local musicians.

    Ed Stainton Fund for Outdoor Programs
    This fund was established in honor of Mr. Stainton upon his retirement from the faculty.

    The Jennings House Fund
    Established in 2016 with a generous gift from David Orthwein in honor of his mother who lived in the house, this fund is intended to help maintain the Head of School residence.

    1999 Wissahickon Inn Fund
    Anonymously funded in 1999, this fund provides for the preservation and ongoing restoration and maintenance of the Wissahickon Inn.

    1999 Athletic Fields Endowed Fund
    Anonymously funded in 1999, this fund is for the ongoing care and maintenance of the athletic fields.

    The Class of 1966 Landscape Fund
    Established in honor of their 50th Reunion, the Springside Class of 1966 established this fund to help maintain the 1966 garden and outdoor classroom.
  • Endowed Funds to support Faculty & Staff

    Kline Fund
    Among the school’s oldest endowment funds, it is also one of the largest, providing critical funds to the operating budget every year.

    Meigs Memorial Fund
    Established to support Springside School.

    Margaret Phillips ’44 Chair for English
    Established by an alumna, Margaret Phillips, Springside Class of 1944, a teacher and educator, this fund supports a member of the English Department.

    Harriet E. Woodward History Chair
    Established by Harriet Woodward, this fund supports a chair in the History Department.

    Anne Pumyea Siner Trust
    Ann Siner worked at Springside for 41 years as the assistant to three heads: Eleanor Potter, Agathe Crouter, and Eleanor Kingsbury HA. This fund was created as an endowed fund whose income is designated to increase salaries for administrative assistants.

    Class of 1959 Faculty Salary Fund
    The class established this fund in honor of their 50th reunion and in memory of their deceased classmates: Ginny Wolf, Marily Clapham, Joan Harrington, Ingrid Olson, and Lolie Pepper. Income from this fund supports faculty salaries.

    Eleanor Kingsbury Chair for Fine Arts
    Established to honor Eleanor W. Kingsbury HA, headmistress 1980-1990, in recognition of her accomplishments to advance the arts at Springside, this fund supports faculty in art, music, and drama.

    Dean of Student Life Fund
    The Dean of Student Life Endowed Fund supports the salary of a new position at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. The Dean of Student Life is responsible for maintaining existing programs and driving forward and revising the student life program, which is both a differentiator for the school and the heart of our Upper School culture. The Dean of Student Life oversees all areas of student life in the Upper School and works to maintain the well-being of the Upper School students.

    Charlotte Meigs Fund
    This fund was established in 1976 from a bequest for the improvement of faculty salaries.

    E. Perot Walker Excellence in Teaching
    Established in 1996 by former students, parents, and friends to honor Perot Walker H’73 and his wife, Susie, for years of dedicated service, excellent teaching, and commitment to students at CHA, this fund supports faculty salaries and outstanding teachers.

    William K. Gemmill Faculty Chair for Robotics and Engineering
    Established in 1999 and renamed in 2011, the Gemmill Faculty Chair for Engineering and Robotics is awarded every three years to a teacher who exemplifies outstanding teaching inside and outside the classroom, who exerts the positive influence that faculty have as role models for young people, and who demonstrates a deep commitment to the SCH community.

    Gerald F. Rorer Fellowship
    In 1958, Mr. Rorer, who served as chairman of the CHA Board of Trustees from 1961 to 1964, established a trust that provided annual gifts to CHA. In 1979, the trust dissolved with CHA as the primary beneficiary and this endowed fund was created.

    The Springside and Chestnut Hill Academy Classes of 1969 Peter G. Randall ’69 Engineering and Robotics Chair in memory of Lillian Koltnow 
    Established in 2019 in honor of their 50th Reunion, the Springside and Chestnut Hill Academy Classes of 1969 Engineering and Robotics Chair recognizes the late Lillian Kolnow, former Springside Physics teacher and STEM pioneer; and honors the vision and dedication of Peter G. Randall ’69 for his work in creating a school-wide Engineering and Robotics curriculum that is one of the few of its kind in the country. This extraordinary fund ensures the continued development and success of our Engineering and Robotics program by supporting faculty salaries and professional development. 
  • Endowed Funds to support Faculty Enrichment

    Penelope Merritt Ashmead ’49 Fund
    Providing hundreds of faculty the opportunity for summer study, graduate work, and workshops throughout the year, the fund was created after her death in 1983 in memory of Penelope Merritt Ashmead, Class of 1949 and chair of Springside’s Board of Trustees. In 2003-2004, gifts to the Ashmead Fund were made in honor of Agathe Keliher Crouter, Springside’s headmistress from 1970 to 1980.

    The Springside Class of 1989 Faculty Recognition Fund
    Initiated by students and parents in the Class of 1989, this fund supports professional development for faculty. As decided at their 30th Reunion, this fund will now support professional development and diversity training.

    Mary Perkins Lame Reading Fund
    Given in her memory by her husband, Dr. Edwin Lame, this fund supports faculty development in the teaching of reading.

    D. Stanley Parker Memorial Fund
    Established in 2016, this endowed fund honors Stan while supporting SCH Academy with an award for faculty. The D. Stanley Parker ’68 Award is given to honor a teacher, coach, or mentor who has made a lasting and significant impact on the students. It will be presented annually to the staff member who best exemplifies Stan’s deep passion for coaching, mentoring, and teaching.

    The Faculty Enrichment Fund for Lower School Girls
    The Faculty Enrichment Fund for LS Girls is comprised of funds given in memory of Kindergarten teacher Vivian Kling, former Head of Lower School Annabelle Witman, Lower school teacher Betsy Trueblood and in honor of beloved Lower School teacher Joan Wolfenden HA.  This fund fulfills classroom needs and provides support for faculty development, workshops, summer study and programs and the opportunity to pursue a passion for Lower School for Girls faculty.

    Cyrus H. Nathan '30 Distinguished Faculty Fund
    Through a generous bequest in 2010, Cy Nathan established this fund to promote and celebrate inspiring teachers—those educational leaders who are effective in the classroom, respected by their peers, highly motivated to stay current, and who drive innovation and best educational practices within their fields. The fund supports the continued professional development of our outstanding faculty by supporting summer study, workshops, and classes that will enrich their practice.
  • Endowed Funds to support Scholarship & Financial Aid

    Jordie Maine ’79 Scholarship Fund
    Established by the family of Jordie Maine ’79 in 2016 and generously supported by family and friends, this endowed fund honors his spirit. Jordie embodied the jersey stripes: courage, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and sportsmanship. This scholarship will be awarded to a scholar-athlete who exemplifies Jordie’s incredible character, talent, and leadership abilities.

    SCH Academy Alumnae and Alumni Scholarship Fund
    This fund was established in memory of Charlotte Humphrey Landreth ’29, Charles H. Landreth ’29, Marilyn Clapham Parke ’59, and Caterina C. Zara, former head of Miss Zara’s School, which merged into Springside. This scholarship fund provides tuition aid based upon financial need for daughters, sons, granddaughters, and grandsons of SCH alumnae and alumni and its predecessor schools.

    Gail Baldwin Simmonds ’60, H’09 Scholarship Fund
    The Gail Baldwin Simmonds Scholarship was established in memory of Gail ’60, H’09 by her daughters, Barbara ’91 and Caroline. This fund provides tuition aid based on financial need to a new student of SCH Academy. Gail was devoted to both Springside School and Chestnut Hill Academy and retired as the assistant to CHA Head of School Frank Steel in June 2009. She is remembered for her courage and positive spirit, and she was truly beloved by all.

    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Scholarship for Engineering and Robotics
    Established in 2014 in recognition of Jono Frank and his deep devotion to robotics at SCH Academy, this scholarship award provides a four-year partial competitive scholarship that will be administered and awarded outside the normal admissions process. The award is designed to identify, attract, and help meet demonstrated need for an incoming 9th grade student who has demonstrated a passion for engineering and robotics.
    Gail Feinzig Memorial Scholarship
    Established in 1990 by the family and friends of Gail Feinzig, this scholarship offers a way to honor Mrs. Feinzig’s love of Springside and to help those whose ambition, creativity, and accomplishment will reflect positively on the school.
    Martha Haas Valentine ’65 Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship was established by The William Penn Foundation in memory of Springside alumna of the Class of 1965, Molly Haas Valentine.
    Barra Foundation and McNeil Family Fund
    The first family foundation to establish a scholarship endowment for financial aid at Springside School continues to support financial aid to students in the Upper School.
    Phyllis M. Vare Memorial Scholarship Award
    Created in 1987 by alumnae, colleagues, and friends in memory of Phyllis Vare, chair of Springside’s Physical Education Department for 31 years, mentor, and motivator to many Springside athletes. The Vare Scholarship is the highest athletic award given to a junior girl for her outstanding academic and athletic talents.
    Johanna Louise Sigmund ’94 Scholarship
    Established by members of her class and her family after her death in the September 11th World Trade Center attack, this scholarship honors Johanna’s memory. It is awarded to a student with demonstrated need who exemplifies the gifts of spirit, enthusiasm, athletic leadership, and compassion for others.

    Neighborhood Scholars’ Fund
    Established in 1989 by three alumnae from the Class of 1977, this fund was created to urge the school community to reach out to be a force for change, to build bridges across neighborhoods, and to bring students from different backgrounds together at Springside School. A new Neighborhood Scholar is selected each year, and the fund currently supports full scholarships for girls in grades 7-12.
    Sarah Heckscher Scholarship
    This fund was established in 2005 when, after 35 years, Sarah Stevens Heckscher HA retired as director of guidance at Springside School. Her work centered on helping students understand their own gifts and ambitions and make carefully considered choices for their future. The merit-based scholarship is offered to a new Middle or Upper School girl who demonstrates extraordinary talent or passion in academics, the visual or performing arts, science, athletics, or community service.
    Next Step Scholarship
    This scholarship was established to provide the opportunity for a student to attend SCH Academy who otherwise could not. Preference is given to graduates of the Community Partnership School.
    Alumni and Alumnae Scholarship
    The  Alumni and Alumnae Scholarship Fund is used for scholarships for relatives of alumni for Chestnut Hill Academy and Springside School.
    The Christopher Carrington Mellor ’69 Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Fund
    While at CHA, Chris was highly respected by everyone and distinguished himself as a dedicated student and athlete. The Mellor Scholarship celebrates Chris’s life and dedication to whatever he was involved in by offering aid to a young man who offers outstanding potential as a student and an athlete.
    Corning Pearson Jr. ’59 Scholar Athlete Scholarship Fund
    Established in memory of CP Pearson Jr., this scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming 9th grade boy who meets the school’s academic standards and demonstrates an interest in athletics, particularly baseball.
    Franklin A. and Margaret W. Steele H’12 Middle School Scholarship Fund
    This scholarship was established for an incoming Middle School student with financial need, preferably with Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage. The recipient should be a boy with strong citizenship traits and integrity.

    George V. Strong III ’74 Citizenship and Scholars Fund
    Created through the kindness of George Strong’s family and friends, the scholarship celebrates George’s life by offering a scholarship to a young man who offers outstanding potential to enrich the school community in the same spirit as George enriched the many communities to which he belonged. The scholarship is awarded to incoming 9th or 10th grade boys.
    Joseph Lanktree Castle II ’50 Scholarship
    Given in his memory by his friends and family, this scholarship celebrates Joe Castle’s life by offering scholarships to prospective students who manifest the potential to enrich the school’s community in the same spirit as Joe did throughout his life. This is a need-based scholarship directed towards an incoming boy in grades 3-8 and will continue through his experience at SCH.
    John J. Plunkett H’94 Scholar-Athlete-Citizen Scholarship
    Colleagues, friends, students, alumni, and parents created this need-based scholarship in 2010 for a deserving scholar-athlete entering Upper School who exemplifies the defining qualities so characteristic of Jack Plunkett, beloved teacher and coach. This scholarship is intended to enhance the school community by identifying outstanding candidates who combine Jack’s appreciation of the school’s role in celebrating and upholding values that develop the “whole” boy: academics, athletics, citizenship, and character.
    NWNS Scholarship Fund
    Established to support academically talented yet economically disadvantaged students who live in the Northwest, the NWNS is offered to a new student entering grades 4-8. The award is based on academic achievement, character, citizenship, and demonstrated financial need.
    R. Dilworth Lees ’71 Merit Scholarship Award
    Established in 1980, the Dilworth Lees Scholarship is awarded to a 9th grade student or students on the basis of academic excellence, possession of leadership qualities, and the potential to make a significant contribution to the life of the school and the community, without regard to need.

    Robert A. Kingsley ’41 Scholarship Award
    This award was established in 1965 in honor of Robert Kingsley ’41 upon his retirement as headmaster of Chestnut Hill Academy. This award is given to a student below the 12th grade who has shown the highest degree of academic promise and scholarship along with the most responsible type of leadership.
    STEM Scholarship
    Established in 2009 and subsequently added to in 2011 through a bequest by former faculty member Miriam White H’95, the STEM Scholarship was designed to identify, attract, and help meet the demonstrated need of an incoming 9th grade student who has shown a passion for science, technology, engineering, or math.
    Margaret B. Wallis Scholarship
    Created in 2005, the Wallis Scholarship provides full or partial assistance to an exceptional scholar or scholars with preference given to current boy students who, due to unforeseen consequences, can no longer afford to attend the school.
  • Unrestricted Endowed Funds

    Henry F. Harris Fund for Endowment ’47
    Springside and seven other institutions were the beneficiaries of a trust created by Mr. Harris in 1994. The distribution from this trust was directed to Springside School’s endowment, designated to a named fund in his memory upon his death, to honor his wonderful legacy of generously supporting the school over four decades.

    Harriet E. Woodward Fund
    This unrestricted fund supports all aspects of the school by supporting the budget.

    Jono Frank Robotics Scholarship
    Established in 2014 in recognition of Jono Frank and his deep devotion to robotics at SCH Academy, this scholarship award provides a four-year partial competitive scholarship that will be administered and awarded outside the normal admissions process. The award is designed to identify, attract, and help meet demonstrated need for an incoming 9th grade student who has demonstrated a passion for engineering and robotics.

    Joseph L. Castle II ’50 Fund
    Funded in 1989 during the Campaign for Enduring Excellence, this gift to the general endowment provides operating support throughout the school’s budget.

    Smilow Fund
    The Smilow Fund has been designated by the Board of Trustees to support Arts and New Media at SCH. This fund provides programmatic support to this thriving, vibrant community of artists: painters, dancers, sculptors, photographers, designers, coders, videographers, actors, and musicians. From pre-kindergarten through Upper School, SCH fosters creativity and supports all manner of artistic expression.

    Woodward Family Gifts Fund
    Initially funded in 1978 by a gift from Mrs. George Woodward, this fund has been contributed to by members of the family over time and has provided for a variety of projects and programs throughout the school.