11th graders study biology at the Wissahickon Creek

11th grade biology class at Wissahickon Creek

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Each department at SCH inspires curiosity, builds students’ knowledge of themselves and their world, and challenges them to live lives characterized by thoughtfulness and integrity. But just don’t take it from me! Click on the videos below to hear from each of our department chairs about the unique experience your child will have at SCH.

Head of Upper School

Hear from Chair Peter RandallSCH Academy challenges every student in the Upper School to explore designing and fabricating complex objects and systems. Through a broad-reaching curriculum starting with the 9th and 10th grade seminars on design, prototyping, and fabrication through the 12th grade advanced programming and CAD/CAM courses, SCH allows each student to develop the skills to see and work in three dimensions, employ rigorous design processes, and learn the techniques of prototyping and fabrication. Students who choose to are able to participate in our world-class robotics program where they will compete with the best pre-engineering students from around the world.

Robotics Course Offerings

Hear from Director Ed GlassmanWhether the problem is water pollution or cultural bias, our students take on interesting challenges rooted within their passions. SCH student entrepreneurs have gone on to develop their own projects and apps, build companies, and even launch and sell their own products. We're proud to see our trademarked CEL curriculum taught internationally, enabling younger generations to gain the skills that will help them better shape their future.


CeL Course Offerings

Hear from Chair Scott Stein

The Science Department at SCH Academy provides students with opportunities for using the most up-to-date equipment and
technologies as they ask questions, design experiments, explore, collaborate, and become efficient and effective problem solvers. The basic courses in physics, chemistry, and biology provide an excellent general background in the discipline along with other valuable experiences. Electives, such as Environmental Science, Oceanography, and Pharmacology, are offered on a semester basis.

Science Course Offerings

Hear from Chair Rebecca McWilliamsOur English program cultivates a lifelong passion for reading and writing and promotes student discovery and engagement. SCH students learn to think, read, write, and speak with clarity and conviction. They identify questions and share opinions about texts, wrestle with complex ideas, build persuasive arguments and interpretations, and use writing as a means of creative expression. Students examine classic and contemporary literature, as well as diverse forms of media.

English Course Offerings

Hear from Chair Derrick KeisterThe Mathematics Department strives to develop opportunities for students to engage in active inquiry at every course level and to encourage students to achieve their highest mathematical
potential. All students are required to take four years of mathematics and some elect to take one or more additional elective math courses. The typical four-year sequence of mathematics begins with Geometry and extends through Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Statistics.

Mathematics Course Offerings

Hear from Chair Stephanie KastenThe goal of the Upper School world languages program is to offer our students the opportunity to communicate with purpose in either Chinese, French or Spanish. We provide students with the skills to negotiate meaning and take risks in order to confidently engage with the world beyond our classroom. In Latin, students become competent readers and translators of Latin in order to master the subtlety of usage in original Latin texts. This training provides students a window into the historical and cultural world of the Romans, as well as a mirror into the human experience of today. 

World Languages Course Offerings

Hear from Chair Sarah McDowellIn today’s dynamic global environment, a strong knowledge of history and the ability to think critically is an essential part of a 21st century education. SCH students study history in inquiry-driven classrooms that promote experiential learning and develop historical empathy. Understanding the perspective of historical figures and their diverse experiences allows students to reflect upon their own lives and to understand more fully the world and cultures they live in and will help shape.

History Course Offerings

Hear from (former) Director Ellen FishmanBetween musical and dramatic productions, an SCH recording studio, 3D modeling, digital art, and more, self-expression is at the heart of our Arts and New Media program. Our faculty are working artists who teach foundational skills, foster courage to take creative risks, and believe in the value of each unique perspective and ability.


Arts & New Media Course Offerings


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