Welcome from our Private Middle School Division Head

Thornley Middle School

Dear Middle School Families,

When boys and girls step into single-sex classrooms in Middle School, they are able to shed gender expectations, find their unique voices, and develop a strong sense of self. Students eagerly explore their identities and consider important questions: Who am I? How do I learn best? Am I a mathematician, a writer, a photographer, a historian, a coder? What values matter most to me? How do I handle bumps in the road? 

Head of Middle School Meadow Pepino

The Middle School years are transformative. We are committed to building on our Lower School foundation and creating a single-sex academic experience in grades 5-8. When boys and girls step into the classroom, they are able to shed gender expectations, find their unique voices, and develop a strong sense of self. Students analyze literature, build solar cars, craft their own poetry, lead probability carnivals, participate in math and reading competitions, and use Sketch Up to design 3D models. Our 8th graders graduate Middle School empowered and ready to seize the myriad opportunities offered in our coed Upper School.

Relationships are at the heart of each student’s experience in Middle School. Students are paired with an advisor who becomes a trusted mentor and advocate in all arenas of their advisees’ lives—academic, social, and emotional—and their advisory group becomes their family at school. Our talented faculty lead classes that are engaging and hands-on, with students at the center of every activity. Whether students are interested in robotics, the orchestra, creative writing, US history, geometry, digital publishing, or social entrepreneurship, there is an avenue to explore their passion.
I encourage you to visit campus and experience the warm community, academic rigor, and undeniable passion that pervade the halls at SCH. As you peek around, you may find yourself wishing that you, too, could return to Middle School!


Meadow Pepino
Head of Middle School