Our Private Middle School Experience at SCH Academy

Middle School Girls Science Class
Middle School Girls cheering on Blue & Gold Day
Middle School Boys during Blue and Blue Day races
Middle School Math Counts
Middle School Girls advisory gets outdoors

The core of SCH's Middle School academics and emotional-learning is found in one's advisory. All activities, trips, service work, and anything required outside the classroom teaches our students new skills and allows them to discover new passions. These moments provide opportunities to practice emerging leadership, collaboration, and a way to find their own unique voice within the Middle School community. Once found, it is taken back to Advisory and honed within the family-style setting. 

What Makes Us Different

student experience

In the 2019-2020 school year, we interviewed students, faculty, and staff to find out what place on SCH's 62-acre campus feels like home. Here are some of our Middle School students who were eager to write in and let us know.

Ava 8th grade student's favorite place

Ava, 8th grade“At my favorite place, I scraped my back while I was high jumping. Somehow that experience made me realize that the Maguire Stadium is special to me. It is a place where I can do the things I love, mess up, and learn. I love to play soccer, and the whole team gets excited when we get to play at the stadium because it means we are going to do something unique at practice. I also love track and I go to the stadium on the weekends to practice. I get frustrated plenty but I know that I can be better so I keep at it. The stadium is a place where I can work towards a goal and strive for that feeling of accomplishment and become my best.” || Ava, Class of 2024


McCoy 7th grader in his favorite place on campus

McCoy, 7th grade“Over my first three years at SCH, the Kingsley Gym has become my favorite place on campus. The gym has provided me a way of letting out any stress built up after a long day in the classroom. Every time I step foot on the court, my goal is to become better than I was yesterday. This drive has helped me both on the court and in the classroom. I have made mistakes and learned from them, been knocked down and have gotten back up—all in the Kingsley gym. When I walk in the gym, I’m reminded that I am a student-athlete and I love the challenge of balancing the two. The Kingsley Gym is so special to me because, whether I win or lose on the court, I know I’ll be a better person when I walk out the door." || McCoy, Class of 2025