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Welcome to Middle School at SCH Academy

In Middle School, we are committed to building on our Lower School foundation and continuing a single-sex academic experience in grades 5-8. The Middle School years are transformative, both academically and socially. When boys and girls step into our classrooms, they are able to shed gender expectations, find their unique voices, and develop a strong sense of self.

We emphasize both the process and the content of learning, recognizing that the skills students build through their search for knowledge are as important as the knowledge attained. Students manage their own schedules as they move from class to class, develop an increased level of independence, and learn important lessons about organization and time management.

While Middle School is a time to solidify foundations through core studies, it is also a time for students to explore new horizons and discover budding passions. Under the skilled guidance of our Middle School faculty, students develop the confidence to branch out socially and intellectually, manage an increasingly challenging curriculum, take healthy risks, and exercise empathy and respect for others. 

Middle School Academics


Read about our Middle School program highlights, including advisory, overnight trips, building an inclusive community, and more.

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Contact Allison Gatter, Admissions Director for Middle School, with any questions about grades 5-8.

p: (215) 754-1021
e: agatter@sch.org

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