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McCausland Lower School Building view from Vare Fieldhouse

Home to the Lower School students pre-k to grades 4 and summerside!

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Middle School Spirit Sportsmanship
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I love that SCH Academy's 62-acre campus is located so close to the Wissahickon Valley Park. My kids are in the woods on a weekly basis hiking, playing, and doing science experiments. They've raised trout, tapped maple trees, and learned about invasive plants and how to cut them back. For my city kids, these types of experiences are priceless.

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Lower School Girl in boots outdoors

Outdoor ClassroomHaving a 62-acre campus means our students have ample space to play, learn, experiment, and explore. From hikes and stream experiments to bug habitats and campus beehives, having a pair of rubber boots above your cubby is a must at SCH. Throughout the year, our faculty find innovative ways to incorporate our backyard woods into lessons and the overarching curriculum. A staple case is the 3rd Grade Trout Hike. Starting in the fall and finishing in the spring, girls and boys hike to the Wissahickon, learn about the ecosystem of the river, raise trout from eggs, and release them into the waterway when they're old enough to survive in the wild.

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Middle School Spirit Sportsmanship

Single-Sex to CoedAt SCH Academy, our Lower School students are able to develop an understanding of their strengths and affinities in a single-sex environment. They learn to be tenacious, try new things, how to welcome mistakes, and the resilience to try again. This model provides a learning environment that encourages our elementary-aged students to explore their interests freely without pressure or expectations. Whether they're diving into a day-long ropes course activity in the woods or a month-long poetry study and presentation of creative work, our students feel respected, nurtured, and enriched.

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The Science of Maple Syrup Tapping

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