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McCausland Lower School Building view from Vare Fieldhouse

Home to the Lower School students pre-k to grades 4 and summerside!

Lower School Girls in science class at SCH Academy
Lower School boy science bubble experiment
Lower School Girls Art Talk on Feinstein work
Lower School Girls in woods
Lower School hallway with backpacks at SCH Academy

I love that SCH Academy's 62-acre campus is located so close to the Wissahickon Valley Park. My kids are in the woods on a weekly basis hiking, playing, and doing science experiments. They've raised trout, tapped maple trees, and learned about invasive plants and how to cut them back. For my city kids, these types of experiences are priceless.

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3rd grade Girls hike in the woods regularly

Outdoor ClassroomHaving a 62-acre campus means our students have ample space to play, learn, experiment, and explore. From hikes and stream experiments to bug habitats and campus beehives, having a pair of rubber boots above your cubby is a must at SCH. A staple case is the 3rd Grade Trout Hike. Starting in the fall and finishing in the spring, girls and boys hike to the Wissahickon, learn about the ecosystem of the river, raise trout from eggs, and release them into the waterway when they're old enough to survive in the wild.

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Elementary School Boys Visual Arts Painting

Arts & New MediaIn Lower School, our students sculpt, paint, draw, weave, cut, paste, construct, and—most importantly—use their imaginations. They learn to think of music as a creative language, manifesting in many ways such as an assembly of compositions centered around the cycle of the butterfly, or around trains and train sounds. New media skills are introduced to our youngest students by integrating projects in each grade level in collaboration with Lower School teachers.



FLL JR Lower School Robotics Competition Boys with Prize

RoboticsAt SCH, there are robotics competitions for all ages. Our youngest students (ages 6-9) can participate in Jr. FLL (Junior FIRST® LEGO® League), which focuses on building an interest in science and engineering at an early age.



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Center for Entrepreneurial LeadershipEvery year, Pre-K—4th grade students tackle at least one unique Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) project. They channel boundless creativity and curiosity into real-world challenges by solving problems for others. The design process doesn't end at the completion of the first prototype. Students practice effective communication of their ideas using technology, writing, and most importantly, their own voices.