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Multicultural and Diversity Festival

Cherokee Campus: Carpenter Gallery, Cafeteria, and Auditoriums
This is a special day when the community comes together to celebrate our many cultures. Everyone is invited to explore the world in one afternoon! Children will get a passport to get stamped when they tour the tables, and everyone will experience the vibrant outfits, dances, and special performances of diverse cultures throughout the afternoon.  
This year our guest artists include a juggler; fire eater; amazing entertainer David Darwin; Philly Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that brings together elements of self-defense, acrobatics, music, and dance; Flamenco guitarist Juana Martin and Spanish dancers; Musica Mundi's Steel Drums; as well as special activities hosted by the Chinese Parents' Association, and Ms. Monaghan's World Music Class. 
There's still time to participate and set up your cultural booth! Ideas for what to present at your booth could include the sharing of food and facts, arts and crafts, or information about festivals and fairs that are popular within your culture. What music originated with your culture? What are some unique costumes and traditions that are unique to your ancestors' country?
If you wish to host a table/booth, families often share small portions of traditional foods and interesting treats. So far we have the following representations: Ireland, Poland, China, Israel, England, French and Spanish Club. Please contact our festival chairs if would like to participate in any capacity or if you have any questions about this annual event. A big thank you to our participants: we could not do this without you!
Enjoy a view of the day with this video from a previous multicultural celebration at SCH: Multicultural and Diversity Festival 2016 
Also, Lower School boys and girls are invited to perform some Chinese songs during the festival under the guidance of our talented Chinese Teacher - Ms. Qiu!