We consider athletics an important part of the overall learning experience and continue to embrace, encourage, and teach all that is good about sport.
We stress teamwork, sportsmanship, personal commitment, a striving for excellence, and how to win and lose with class and dignity. Knowing that participation in athletics improves students’ self-confidence and overall health, our coaching staff is committed to fostering each student-athlete’s confidence, decision-making skills, sense of responsibility, and leadership skills—qualities that will serve them well throughout life. The Athletic Department seeks to provide each student with a sense of affiliation, motivation, and accomplishment by balancing challenge and demand with support and encouragement. We hope that by taking advantage of the many positive experiences that sports have to offer, each participant will enjoy his or her time on the playing fields and courts and will take with them memories that will last a lifetime. By encouraging broad participation in sports, our Athletic Department also seeks to generate a sense of pride within the student body, the faculty, and the larger school community for its teams and the overall school.

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  • Upper School Program Objectives

    • The SCH Athletic Department supports a culture that fosters the fundamental development of all programs as they strive for the highest level of success. To achieve this success, we strive for every student-athlete to adhere to the core values of accountability, work ethic, team and pride.
    • All team members are important to the success of the team, and each team needs to know that it can count on its members to be there. Learning how to make the right choice is one of the most valuable life lessons a student-athlete can learn while participating in interscholastic athletics.
    • A student-athlete’s work ethic is more than what the student-athlete does at practice and in a game, meet, or match. It’s how they approach their sport before, during, and after practice which will truly define an athlete’s work ethic.
    • To become a member of a team is a privilege. A team is a group of individuals who should be in pursuit of one or more common goals.
    • Pride in SCH athletics is a collective attitude shared by all members of the SCH community (students, coaches, faculty/staff, administration, parents and alumni) in support of all of our teams commitment to excellence.

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  • Middle School Boys’ and Girls’ Program Objectives

    • The Middle School athletic program is intended as a competitive, interscholastic activity.
    • The multi-level team experience allows every student to be a part of a team.
    • The multi-level experience in almost every sport allows every student the opportunity to play the sport of their choice.
    • The team experience provides an opportunity for individual development and success.
    • Student-athletes work to develop fundamental skills.
    • Student-athletes work towards a better understanding of the team concepts of each sport.
    • Sportsmanship is an integral part of the Middle School athletic program.
    • The ability to work with your teammates allows every student to learn about respect, cooperation (teamwork), appreciation for others, and fair play.
    • A goal is to have fun.