College and the SCH Athlete

Guidance for our Student-Athletes

Our athletic directors, coaches, and college counselors are dedicated to helping our student-athletes achieve their goal of participating in athletics at the collegiate level. To this end, we offer several important tips.

  • Communication with the coach is imperative. Student-athletes who have a strong desire to compete at the collegiate level should schedule an appointment with their coach to discuss this important decision.
  • The driving force behind college selection should ultimately be the academic fit. Athletic opportunities are important, yet secondary, to academic fit and opportunities.
  • Coaches and student-athletes should work in conjunction with the college counselor to develop a “reality” list of potential college choices.
  • The student-athlete should create a resume that represents their overall high school experience and highlights athletic accomplishments. Coaches and counselors are available to assist if need be. The resume should be reviewed with their coach and college counselor.
  • The student-athlete should create a letter of interest to be sent, along with the resume, to the coaches at the respective colleges. This letter should be reviewed with the coach and counselor before finalizing and mailing it.
  • The student-athlete should meet with the college counselor to discuss the process for registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse. The counselor will also share with you the key resource material from the NCAA (NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete).