Wissahickon Hike Reveals Rocks' Hidden Story for 6th Graders

Wissahickon Hike Reveals Rocks' Hidden Story for 6th Graders

Witnessing the wonders of geology firsthand were Colin Doyle's 6th-grade classes at SCH. They recently embarked on a hands-on expedition in the Wissahickon, our backyard classroom. Their mission: to uncover evidence of the rock cycle, the process by which rocks transform over time.

Having done a few sediment simulations using cookies, chocolate, and even Tums (who knew?), the young scientists were prepared to translate theory into reality. 

Recent rain and snow provided the perfect canvas, showcasing areas of the trail ravaged by erosion. Students meticulously examined (and diagrammed) these scars, learning how weathering and erosion sculpt the landscape. They also investigated the crucial role of plants in safeguarding the soil from erosion, examined the sedimentary rocks in the creek, and studied a waterfall and weathered wall. Even man-made structures weren't spared, as moss patiently chipped away at the old wall, demonstrating the relentless march of change. 

Doyle's classes returned from their outdoor lesson with a more well-rounded view of the topic, an appreciation for geology, and muddy boots.

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