Who Runs the World? Girls!

Amanda Gorman. Billie Jean King. Chloe Kim. 

These women are the first three trailblazers featured in "Who Runs the World? Girls!," the book that SCH junior Emily Eisenman is deep in the throes of writing this fall in the CEL Venture Accelerator (VA). Emily conceived of the book for her CEL Capstone project after seeing a baby board book with a similar concept and thought it would be cool to provide a version for the middle grade audience, especially young girls. In the video she created to pitch the book, Emily shared: “'Who Runs the World? Girls!' is an A-Z book filled with diverse, incredible women that can be used as a source of inspiration for young girls. These are women from all different fields and all walks of life, some who we all know and love and some who deserve the recognition. I hope that when girls look through my book, they'll find someone who looks like them and someone who overcame the odds to become successful!”

Emily earned the Creativity Award during the Capstone Showcase for her initial illustrations and short “hero” bios and she is now taking the concept to the next level in the VA. This semester she’s focused on writing the profile content for each of the women she has identified. She states, “It’s very important to me to have diversity in my profile choices, so people can see themselves represented, regardless of the field, sexual identification, or socio-economic status. As for the tough choices she’s had to make regarding the women she’s chosen, she credits valuable feedback from other members of the VA cohort incubating their projects this fall.

SCH Middle School librarian Jenny Perinovic, herself an author, has been a mentor to Emily during the process, helping to lay out the groundwork for what it takes to be published. Emily confesses that while she has taught herself Adobe Illustrator and enjoyed designing the look and feel of the images accompanying her bios, “illustrations are not my forte.” She hopes to run a Kickstarter campaign next semester to help fund hiring an illustrator to “take things up a notch.”

Emily shares, “I’m really excited to see how far this can go once I get it into kids’ hands. I think instilling female empowerment at a young age is super important. And I hope this book will be an inspiration to young girls. I wish I had it growing up.”

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Over the past 10 years, the Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) has become one of the flagships of an SCH education. It is a program that is as substantial in its educational content as it is inspirational in its impact. In celebration of the CEL's 10th anniversary, we will be showcasing our CEL Venture Accelerator (VA) students throughout the year. Seeking out opportunity, devising creative solutions, working to effect positive change, more than two dozen VA students are currently hard at work with faculty mentors to bring their visions to life. We hope readers will enjoy learning about the people and the projects that are percolating in the VA right now.

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